Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.0.2 9.0.2 Build 6

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.0.2 9.0.2 Build 6
Publisher: Adobe

Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.0.2 9.0.2 Build 6 Description

Tell your story with maximum impact using Adobe Premiere Pro CC CC 2015.0.2 9.0.2 Build 6, the start-to-finish solution for efficient video production that now includes Adobe OnLocation and Adobe Encore.

Save time from on-set capture using Adobe OnLocation through to output, expand your creative options via integration with Adobe After Effects Professional and the Adobe Photoshop program, and deliver your orignal content to Blu-ray Disc, DVD, the web and mobile devices.


Intuitive user interface for smooth workflows:
- See your media assets and less clutter, thanks to a highly intuitive interface featuring customizable Project panel views, transport controls, Audio Meter panel, and track headers. Play clips directly in the Project panel and Media Browser.

Flexible, precise editing controls:
- Edit the way you want with widely accepted, customizable NLE shortcuts and powerful, intuitive trimming and editing tools that give you more precision and control.

Highly intuitive editing workflow:
- Meet demanding deadlines with powerful features that simplify the editing workflow. Mix audio with ease and use new keyboard-driven enhancements to handle a wide range of common tasks.

Multiple Project panel windows:
- Display assets in multiple Bin windows in the project panels, each with its own graphical or text view. Adjustable metadata views make organizing and viewing your assets fast and efficient.

Individualized keyboard shortcuts:
- Create multiple keyboard maps for different tasks or to support multiple users. Export personalized shortcut sets to be productive immediately when working on other systems.

Project Manager:
- Easily archive media, reclaim drive space, and move between offline and online environments. Consolidate projects by moving the media used in a project to a single location.

Export Frame button:
- Quickly export a still video frame from the Program or Source Monitor via the Export Frame button without having to initiate an export via Adobe Media Encoder.

In-line search for assets:
- Find assets within the Project panel quickly using a search field that is updated as you type. Search on individual metadata fields or across them all to display similar items.

Scrolling timeline:
- Set the timeline to scroll smoothly under a stationary indicator during playback, or adjust it to advance one page as the playback indicator reaches the edge of the window.

Nestable timelines:
- Manage large projects more easily by editing each section in its own timeline. Place (nest) each timeline inside a master timeline while maintaining full access to every edit.

Multitrack targeting and sync lock controls:
- Easily control clip placement in the timeline with powerful track targeting options. Choose which tracks remain in sync after ripple and insert edits with sync lock controls.

Clip replacement:
- Easily replace any clip in the timeline, while preserving the originals effects and other attributes. If necessary, the new clip is trimmed to fit the first clips duration.

32-bit internal color processing:
- Maintain maximum image quality with subtle and dramatic changes to color, contrast, and exposure, free of the banding and artifacts caused by lower bit-depth processing.

Professional internal scopes:
- Monitor luma and chroma levels with the built-in waveform monitor and vectorscope. Display Waveform IRE information in standard, YCbCr Parade, RGB Parade, or combined modes.

Target output resolution:
- Set your project to any resolution and work with it throughout production -- great for creating video banner ads, content for small screens, and more.

Warp Stabilizer effect:
- Easily stabilize a bumpy camera move or lock a shot automatically with the same powerful technology as in Adobe After Effects software. The Warp Stabilizer removes jitter, rolling shutter artifacts, and other motion-related irregularities.

Uninterrupted playback:
- Edit, apply filters, and adjust their parameters, all during playback. Dynamically preview video by looping playback and adjusting parameters on the fly, thanks to the Mercury Playback Engine. (May require a supported GPU.)

GPU-accelerated Ultra keyer:
- Get excellent results when keying using the GPU-accelerated Ultra keyer. Its Vector Keying technology excels even when working with problematic sources such as uneven lighting, wrinkled backdrops, and frizzy hair.

Speed change effects:
- Create high-quality slow motion or fast motion and play clips backwards using GPU-accelerated time remapping, speed change, and backwards effects.

GPU-accelerated media processing:
- Correct issues caused by mismatched media and more with GPU-accelerated effects that compensate for differences in frame rate, field order, and pixel aspect ratio.

GPU-accelerated Three-Way Color Corrector:
- Manage the color in your projects with the revamped, GPU-optimized Three-Way Color Corrector for precise primary and secondary color correction. Instantly improve video image quality with Adobe Photoshop style auto-correct functions.

GPU-accelerated transitions:
- Transition between clips using Additive Dissolve to add and then subtract the color information from two adjacent clips. Get a film-like transition with Film Dissolve.

GPU-accelerated Blur effects:
- Quickly add blur to large areas of your clips using Fast Blur, create the illusion of motion using Directional Blur, and see results in real time thanks to GPU acceleration.

Broad native format support:
- Save time and maximize quality with native support for P2; XDCAM EX, HD, and HD50; JVC ProHD, AVCHD, and AVCCAM; DPX; Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras; RED R3D; ARRIRAW; Canon XF and Cinema EOS C300; and more.

Broad Sony XDCAM native format support:
- Handle all types of Sony XDCAM content natively, without rewrapping or transcoding. Edit from the SxS card or card reader (XDCAM EX only), or transfer to hard disk.

Native support for DSLR cameras:
- Work with video shot with Canon and Nikon DSLR cameras, including the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and 7D as well as the Nikon D90, D300s, and D3000. Native support eliminates transcoding or rewrapping.

Native ARRIRAW support:
- Import raw footage from ARRI Alexa cameras without transcoding. Native support means you wont waste valuable production time transcoding or rewrapping files, and youll always have access to the original files pristine quality.

Extensive RED support:
- Work natively with footage from RED ONE, RED EPIC, and RED Scarlet-X cameras with support for RED Rocket, Mysterium X, as well as Color Science and Firmware RED camera advances. Get full parameter control and RMD import and edit.

Canon XF native support:
- Work natively with Canon XF footage, including footage from Canon Cinema EOS C300 cameras. Spanned clips are displayed as a single asset in the Media Browser, reducing clutter.

Native AVCHD support:
- Import and natively edit AVCHD video from Sony, Panasonic, and Canon cameras without transcoding or rewrapping the content. Find clips and view metadata in the Media Browser.

Media Browser for file-based workflows:
- Easily find content on tapeless cameras by seeing all your clips, along with a customizable view of the metadata associated with them, with the Media Browser panel.

Panasonic P2 native support:
- Natively edit DVCPRO, DVCPRO HD, and AVC-Intra video from Panasonic cameras. Edit clips from multiple P2 cards or on hard disk for best performance. Export content to P2 media or archive to hard disk.

DPX file import and export:
- Work with DPX frame sequences that include embedded timecode. Full control over parameters like black point, bit depth, and log/linear space allows nondestructive changes.

Mixed-format timeline support:
- Combine content from supported formats without restrictions. High-quality scaling and flexible interpretation rules produce exceptional output from mixed-format footage.

Native editing of QuickTime formats:
- Edit almost any QuickTime codec, including Apple ProRes and MOV files captured by DSLR cameras, with full metadata -- no transcoding or rewrapping required.

Support for all major media types:
- Import and export major video, audio, and graphic file formats, including FLV, F4V, MPEG-2, QuickTime, Windows Media, AVI, BWF, AIFF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and more.

DPX file support:
- Use native DPX file import and export to create a 10-bit uncompressed DI workflow. Timecode is preserved throughout import, editing, and export.

ASIO compatibility:
- Record and play back audio through any multichannel audio card or hardware that supports the industry-standard ASIO protocol.

Video hardware support:
- Choose from a wide range of capture cards and other hardware to build the HD, SD, or DV editing system that meets your needs and budget.

10-bit display support:
- Output and view 10-bit color without the need for separate video playback hardware thanks to support for the 10-bit DisplayPort on certain NVIDIA Quadro cards.

Primary display in Cinema mode:
- Get full-screen playback right on your primary monitor with Cinema mode capabilities.

Growing files support:
- Edit files while they are still being written in fast-turnaround broadcast workflows. MPEG-2 and AVC-Intra formats in an MXF OP1a wrapper are supported.

Adobe Mercury Playback Engine:
- Get amazing performance with the Mercury Playback Engine on workstations and laptops. Natively 64 bit, CPU optimized, and GPU accelerated, this engine delivers real-time effects, faster rendering, and superb multilayer handling.

Adobe Mercury Transmit:
- Get a much improved experience with third-party I/O hardware devices. Using the Adobe Mercury Transmit software development kit (SDK), Adobe partners can now tap more directly into Adobe Premiere Pro features and capabilities.

MacBook Pro OpenCL support:
- Bring GPU-accelerated performance to mobile Mac workflows with support for certain OpenCL-based GPUs on Apple MacBook Pro computers with OS X 10.7.x and a minimum of 1G VRAM.

NVIDIA Maximus configuration support:
- Get extreme performance for the most demanding video production workflows with support for NVIDIA Maximus dual-GPU configurations (sold separately).

GPU-accelerated effects:
- Speed up your creative workflow by seeing the results of numerous effects without having to render them first, thanks to GPU acceleration and the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine.

Variable playback resolution:
- Edit high-resolution projects on lower spec computers with the ability to separately adjust Playback and Pause resolutions in the Source or Program Monitor.

Adjustable video preview settings:
- Adjust the video preview format and resolution to promote smooth playback when your computers hardware is unable to play back the full sequence frame size in real time.

64-bit Adobe Encore CS6:
- Speed up your Blu-ray Disc and DVD authoring workflow and get rock-solid, native 64-bit performance and stability with Adobe Encore CS6 software. Open and save projects fast, and get dramatic performance working on demanding projects.

Fluid, high-performance editing workflow:
- Meet demanding deadlines with powerful features that simplify the editing workflow. Mix audio with ease and use convenient, customizable keyboard shortcuts to handle a wide range of common tasks.

Dynamic timeline trimming:
- Finesse your editing with precision using all-new advanced trimming tools. Trim clips your way -- directly in the timeline via keyboard entry or dynamically in the Program Monitor using JKL shortcuts.

Customizable monitor panels:
- Work the way you want and edit more fluidly with an uncluttered, customizable interface that lets you focus on your media by letting you choose which buttons to show or hide in the monitor panels.

Fast Project panel workflows:
- View, sort, and arrange media easily with the Project panel. Quickly start editing with the ability to scrub and skim clips, set in and out points, and resize thumbnails. Indicators tell if and where your clips have been used in a sequence, at a glance.

Gestural control on the Mac:
- Use pinch controls on Mac trackpads to quickly and easily zoom in and out of the timeline and other panels.

Timecode panel:
- Get a large view of current timecode with the Timecode panel.

Timeline scroll Improvements:
- Easily configure mousewheel scroll in the timeline to work just the way you want it to using new Preference settings.

Clip settings applied to sequences:
- Save time when dropping a clip into a sequence with different properties. A convenient dialog box asks if the sequence settings should be changed to match those of the clip.

Fast, multicam source sequence creation:
- Quickly create multicam sequences. Simply select multiple clips in the Project panel, right-click them, choose Create Multicam Source Sequence, and then select how youd like to sync the clips.

Fast and easy application of effects:
- Speed up the process of adding effects. With a clip selected in the timeline, double-clicking an effect automatically applies it to that clip.

Automatic scene detection for HDV tapes:
- Use automatic scene detection to create separate clips from HDV tapes.

Find Gaps command:
- Clean up sequences quickly with commands for finding and removing gaps between clips on the timeline.

Field display settings:
- Set the Source and Program Monitors to display the first field, second field, or both fields for interlaced footage.

Timesaving options with multiple clips:
- Easily adjust speed, duration, and audio gain, and apply a transition or effects to multiple clips simultaneously using cut and paste.

Previous zoom-level shortcut:
- Quickly switch between detailed and global views of timeline content with one key press. Press to see your entire sequence. Press again to return to the previous zoom level.

Remove All Effects command:
- Quickly clear all effects from one or multiple selected clips using a single command.

Adjustment layers:
- Apply effects that span multiple clips. Create adjustment layers, similar to those in Photoshop and After Effects, to apply effects to clips on tracks below them. Easily create masks to adjust a selected area of a shot.

Powerful multicam editing:
- Quickly and easily edit multicam footage from as many cameras as you have on the shoot. Sync via timecode, switch between tracks in real time, and adjust color across multiple shots.

Closed-captioning support:
- Play back and display 608 and 708 closed captions, synced to your video sequence and viewable in the Program Monitor.

Time remapping:
- Use high-quality time remapping to create dramatic effects. A streamlined, on-clip interface makes it easy to speed up, slow down, reverse, and hold frames with precision.

Precise keyframe controls:
- Control audio and video effect parameters using comprehensive keyframe controls. Get precise control using Bezier handles to finesse the shape of parameter curves.

Superior color fidelity:
- Get great precision, variety, and control with 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit floating point color.

Powerful color workflows:
- Manage the color in your projects with the intuitive and GPU-optimized Three-Way Color Corrector for precise primary and secondary color correction. Easily export sequences to Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 software for a complete finishing solution.

Rolling Shutter Repair effect:
- Easily repair media with rolling shutter artifacts such as wobble and skew. Based on technology in the Warp Stabilizer, this powerful effect can be applied without stabilization and offers enhanced controls.

Integrated titling:
- Create sophisticated text and graphics titles from scratch, professionally designed templates, or user-defined styles.

Auto-color adjustment:
- Instantly improve your video image quality with effects like those in Photoshop, including Auto Color, Auto Contrast, and Shadows/Highlights.

Intuitive Three-Way Color Corrector:
- Manage the color in your projects with the revamped, GPU-optimized Three-Way Color Corrector for precise primary and secondary color correction. Instantly improve video image quality with Photoshop style auto-correct functions.

GPU-accelerated Ultra keyer:
- Get excellent results when keying using the GPU-accelerated Ultra keyer. Its Vector Keying technology excels even when working with problematic sources such as uneven lighting, wrinkled backdrops, and frizzy hair.

Lighting Effects:
- Add a spot, directional, or omni light to your video footage. Create multiple lights to see different looks on different parts of a scene.

Clip and timeline effects:
- Apply powerful, built-in effects, many of which are GPU accelerated. Create custom effects presets. Increase your options with a range of After Effects compatible plug-ins.

Audio keyframing:
- Create smooth audio crossfades and other audio changes with minimal keyframing. Fewer audio keyframes over a given time interval simplify the editing process.

RapidFind search:
- Quickly find assets by typing what youre looking for into the RapidFind box. Results are updated as you type. RapidFind is available in the Effects, Project, and Metadata panels.

Footage replacement:
- Update assets quickly as newer versions become available by replacing files in the Project panel. When you replace assets, all clip instances are updated automatically.

Per-sequence settings:
- Easily manage assets, quickly create multiple versions of projects, and mix content freely by nesting individual sequences with different settings in a master sequence.

Immediate Project window playback:
- Keep your focus on the timeline and get immediate playback from a clip you dragged from the Project window.

Media locations saved in project:
- Manage projects efficiently. File location preferences are saved on a per-project basis, making it easy to set up partitions for particular projects.

Individual sequence import:
- Combine content from multiple projects easily by choosing any combination of sequences to import.

Individual sequence trimming:
- Avoid trimming redundant content in the Project Manager with the ability to select any combination of sequences for trimming.

Task-based Project panel configurations:
- Create workspace configurations using Project panel column configurations optimized for the task at hand.

Flexible audio tracks:
- Freely combine and pan mono and stereo clips. For more advanced audio workflows, Multichannel master and Adaptive track types enable total audio routing flexibility and easy export to multichannel file types.

16-channel audio export:
- Easily export media with up to 16 channels of embedded audio thanks to the Adaptive Audio technology in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Audio clip timecode in merged clips:
- Use timecode from an audio master clip as the sync reference when creating a merged clip -- perfect for working with footage from cameras such as DSLR that do not contain timecode.

Modify Audio Channels dialog box:
- Modify audio channels at the clip level using the Modify menu item, which provides extreme flexibility when working with clips that contain multiple audio channels.

Vertical waveform zoom in the Source Monitor:
- View audio waveforms in great detail in the Source Monitor. Zoom both channels independently or together.

Broadcast WAV support:
- Easily link to externally recorded media and pass source timecode to digital audio workstations such as Pro Tools and Pyramix thanks to Broadcast WAV support.

Audio channel mapping for offline clips:
- Set and adjust audio channel mapping for offline clips at any time. Easily route source audio channels to various audio track configurations, before or after importing them.

Audio-only or video-only clip recapture:
- Change recapture settings for offline clips without having to recapture them first.

Direct waveform scrubbing:
- Navigate with precision within the Source Monitor when working with audio-only clips. Use the playhead to scrub the waveform directly.

Video or audio display default setting:
- Customize display settings by turning video or audio keyframe, opacity, and clip volume display on or off by default.

Track Normalize:
- Save time by using volume settings to normalize all the clips in a sequence track.

Merge Clips:
- Easily create subclips that match high-quality audio with video shot on a separate device. The Merge Clips feature saves time and streamlines dual-system sound workflows.

Adobe Prelude CS6 integration:
- Use Adobe Prelude CS6 to efficiently log footage, add comments and markers, and create rough cuts that can be brought into Adobe Premiere Pro. Comments and markers stored as metadata are associated with the media, making it easy to organize.

Faster Adobe workflows:
- Effortlessly move assets between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, Photoshop Extended, Encore, Illustrator, and Adobe Audition.

Roundtrip workflows with Adobe Audition:
- Get a fast, flexible roundtrip audio workflow. Pass individual audio clips, multitrack mixes, or complete video sequences between Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Audition.

Direct integration with Adobe Story:
- Speed up your editing workflow by importing scripts with searchable metadata from Adobe Story, an online service available separately, into Adobe Premiere Pro. Edit video based on the imported Adobe Story script.

Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 integration:
- Easily export your Adobe Premiere Pro sequences into SpeedGrade CS6 for a complete finishing solution. Easily handle grading tasks like matching shots and creating consistent nuanced color to visually enhance your projects.

Adobe Dynamic Link:
- Use Adobe Dynamic Link to open sequences in Encore or After Effects without rendering first. Changes made in Adobe Premiere Pro are automatically reflected in the other program.

Adobe After Effects integration:
- Drag and drop or copy and paste clips and timelines between Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. Use Dynamic Link to open complete projects, including nested sequences, in After Effects without rendering.

Group clip transfer:
- Transfer groups of clips to After Effects compositions using a single command to re-create the structure of the clips in the composition and import them using Dynamic Link.

Adobe Illustrator integration:
- Open Illustrator files in Adobe Premiere Pro. When you scale an image in Adobe Premiere Pro, the image is continuously rasterized, so image quality remains pristine.

Direct export from Adobe Premiere Pro:
- Save time by exporting media directly from Adobe Premiere Pro without first adding it to the Adobe Media Encoder queue.

Flexible connected workflows:
- Explore the creative benefits of Adobe Premiere Pro and other Adobe tools in any production workflow. Adobe Premiere Pro easily fits into any workflow or facility with its deep support for standard interchange formats (XML, AAF, OMF).

Deep third-party tool interoperability:
- Easily exchange projects with Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier, and Avid software as well as other third-party tools and applications, thanks to deep support for industry-standard XML, AAF, and OMF interchange formats.

QuickTime format editing:
- Edit all the popular QuickTime formats natively, including Apple ProRes and MOV files captured by Canon 5D and 7D cameras, with full access to clip metadata -- no transcoding, rewrapping, or logging and transferring required.

Final Cut Pro project import and export:
- Roundtrip projects between Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro 7 and earlier versions without conversion or re-rendering, preserving commonly used effects and transitions.

Avid NLE project AAF file import and export:
- Use AAF file import and export as well as CMX3600 EDLs to share projects with Avid NLEs without conversion or re-rendering, preserving commonly used effects and transitions.

OMF file export:
- Export audio in OMF format to audio workstations. Then bring the final audio back into Adobe Premiere Pro, and use direct channel routing to preserve the final mix.

Broadcast workflow compatibility:
- Keep up with shifting business and distribution demands through deep customizability and integration with enterprise-class storage, media asset management, and delivery solutions.

Fast, sure output to any device or format:
- Quickly and easily output your work for any screen with Adobe Media Encoder. Customize, set, and organize your favorite presets in the Preset Browser for fast export and batch encoding in the background.

Preset Browser:
- Access commonly used settings immediately using the Preset Browser in Adobe Media Encoder CS6. Organize presets by category, set favorites, and customize your most frequently used encoding presets.

Performance and stability:
- Quickly encode video when outputting a single source to multiple outputs with Adobe Media Encoder CS6. Get blazingly fast performance when using watch folders on a network.

RED EPIC and RED Scarlet-X support:
- Import your 5K RED EPIC and RED Scarlet-X footage directly into Adobe Media Encoder CS6 for transcoding to HD and SD formats.

Presets for devices and formats:
- Quickly and easily encode video by using Adobe Media Encoder presets that help ensure your video looks great on popular devices, sites, and formats, including Android and iOS devices, YouTube, Vimeo, HDTV, and more.

Queue and Watch folder batch encoding:
- Conveniently set up multiple outputs for a given source or watch folder.

Source settings applied to encoding:
- Streamline your encoding workflow by automatically matching encoding settings to the original source sequence settings.

Drag-and-drop encoding:
- Drag and drop sequences from Adobe Premiere Pro directly into Adobe Media Encoder, which can then encode them immediately.

Convenient watch folder workflow:
- Set Adobe Media Encoder to watch a folder. Automatically encode files arriving in the folder to a format you specify. Multiple watch folders can encode to different formats.

Metadata output templates:
- Preserve metadata in encoded output to make production more efficient and enhance usability, or clear metadata before distribution to protect confidential production data.

Interpret Footage options:
- Override automatic interpretation of the frame rate, pixel aspect ratio, field order, or alpha channel settings of items you import into Adobe Media Encoder.

Crop and trim control:
- Easily crop the frame size and trim the in and out points of a clip or sequence in Adobe Media Encoder.

Automatic still image sequencing:
- Automatically encode a numbered sequence of still images as a video sequence with Adobe Media Encoder, which intelligently offers to encode the stills as one video sequence.

XMP cue points from metadata:
- Add XMP cue points in Adobe Media Encoder read from metadata in FLV or F4V source files, as well as manually prior to encoding.

Audible alerts when jobs are completed:
- Hear alerts when Adobe Media Encoder finishes encoding, so you can work without having to watch the queue. Different alert sounds indicate when projects have been completed successfully or with errors.

Settings Summary:
- Get visual feedback using the Settings Summary dialog box in Adobe Media Encoder. Show output and source content information, and use tool tips to view encoding settings.

Adobe Prelude CS6 integration:
- Use Adobe Prelude CS6 to efficiently log footage, add comments and markers, and create rough cuts that can be brought into Adobe Premiere Pro. Comments and markers stored as metadata are associated with the media, making it easy to organize.

Speech Analysis:
- Turn spoken dialog into timecode-accurate text. Search keywords to jump to specific dialog, or even cut video based on the transcript. Reference scripts boost accuracy.

Synchronized footage:
- Use Speech Analysis to synchronize Adobe Story scripts to footage, and then edit based on the transcript. Download analysis models to convert spoken words into text from many languages.

Face detection:
- Rapidly find sound bites without playing through each clip in your project. Run the Content Analysis process on clips, and then search to find clips with human faces in them.

Metadata views in the Project panel:
- Get immediate access to important production metadata. Customize the way XMP metadata is displayed in the Project panel, control individual fields, and import custom schemas.

Metadata panel:
- Use the Metadata panel to view, edit, and quickly find metadata for selected items. Customize and save schemas, apply changes to selected items, and save configurations.

Integrated search for web DVD titles:
- Engage viewers effectively with keyword-searchable web DVDs. Encore uses metadata from menu and button names, speech analysis, and subtitles to make web DVDs searchable.

64-bit Adobe Encore CS6:
- Speed up your Blu-ray Disc and DVD authoring workflow and get rock-solid, native 64-bit performance and stability with Encore CS6. Open and save projects fast, and get dramatic performance working on demanding projects.

Feature-rich disc creation:
- Get extensive functionality when authoring DVDs and Blu-ray discs. New 64-bit Encore CS6 supports 8-bit color for highlight buttons and menu color quality enhancements.

Fast MPEG import:
- Bring MPEG assets into Encore CS6 fast as multiple import processes happen simultaneously in the background.

Pixel aspect ratio correction in previews:
- View the correct pixel aspect ratio when previewing DVD simulations, thanks to new pixel aspect ratio correction in Encore CS6.

DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and web DVD authoring:
- Efficiently create DVDs, Blu-ray discs, and web DVDs, all from a single project using new 64-bit Encore CS6. Open sequences without rendering and use flowcharts to define and view the navigation of your project.

Adobe Dynamic Link integration:
- Send your Adobe Premiere Pro projects directly to Encore without rendering first. Changes in the timeline are reflected immediately in Encore thanks to Adobe Dynamic Link.

- Define and view the navigation of your DVD, Blu-ray Disc, and web DVD projects by using a visual representation of all points and links. Variable zoom speeds up your workflow.

Adobe Photoshop integration:
- Create DVD and Blu-ray Disc menus in the Photoshop file format using technology built into Encore. Edit menus in Photoshop and see changes instantly in your Encore project.

Powerful web DVD authoring:
- Create powerful web DVD experiences that replicate all the functionality of their Blu-ray Disc counterparts, thanks to support for pop-up menus, multipage menus, and menu looping playback.

Sleek interface for web DVD titles:
- Create web DVDs that have a sleek interface, offering easy-to-use playback controls plus the option to watch HD video in full-screen mode.

Background batch encoding:
- Work efficiently when transcoding. Adobe Media Encoder transcodes files in the background, freeing your system for other tasks. This is particularly important with 4K workflows that normally tax your system.

Third-party encoding integration:
- Choose the right encoder for the job without sacrificing efficiency. Integrate third-party encoders with the Encore workflow to tap into advances in GPU-accelerated encoding.

Cross-platform projects:
- Share Encore projects without worrying about platform compatibility. Encore projects can be moved between Windows and Mac platforms freely, without conversion.

Multipage menus:
- Create a smoother viewing experience. Browsable multipage menus on Blu-ray projects show options across multiple menu pages without interrupting background element playback.

24p support:
- Maintain the 24p look all the way to output with native support for 24p frame rates for Blu-ray, DVD, and web DVD titles, with correct display of 24p timecode in the timeline.

4K and 5K mastering:
- Take full native 4K and 5K format productions directly to high-definition Blu-ray Disc. Use Dynamic Link to open Adobe Premiere Pro 4K and 5K sequences in Encore without rendering first.

DDP master support:
- Create replicated discs from Encore using direct DDP master support for DVD discs. The outputted file can then be sent via FTP directly to the mastering facility.

Batch encoding in the background:
- Automatically encode multiple versions of your content using the batch features in Adobe Media Encoder. Save time by continuing to work as files encode in the background.

Metadata-rich assets for online delivery:
- Make content more discoverable and the viewing experience more engaging by delivering metadata-rich assets created with components of Creative Suite Production Premium.

New marker support:
- Import clips with markers directly from Prelude CS6, or create new temporal markers right inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Searchable markers flow through post-production, allowing you to work faster and stay organized.

FLV/F4V cue points with name/value pairs:
- Create FLV/F4V cue points with name/value pairs using markers directly in the timeline, and then incorporate the cue points in your Adobe Flash Professional projects.

Mobile phone and device output:
- Optimize video for the latest delivery platforms with Adobe Device Central. Find the best encoding settings and device capabilities, and then simulate playback on the devices.

Fast, efficient encoding:
- Deliver content in virtually any format and codec with Adobe Media Encoder. Encode any combination of sequences and clips to formats such as FLV, QuickTime, MPEG-4, and more.

Flexible timeline marker controls:
- Easily control marker attributes. Set Encore chapter markers, URL web links, and FLV cue points, all using a single dialog box.

News in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.0.2 9.0.2 Build 6:

- Crash occurring when using 4 x JKL playback in Source Monitor and occasionally Timeline
- Multicam playback failing under certain circumstances
- Slow playback starting with multichannel multicam projects
- Crash occurring when closing sequences open in Source Monitor
- Panasonic spanned clips not importing correctly
- Certain third-party effects causing a memory leak
- Several issues with Subclips created from Merged Clips
- Extraneous menu items showing in Libraries panel

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