Cyberfox 40.0.3

Cyberfox 40.0.3
Publisher: 8pecxstudios

Cyberfox 40.0.3 Description

Cyberfox 40.0.3 is a Mozilla-based Internet browser designed to take advantage of the 64-bit architecture. However, there is also a version for 32-bit computers available. The application features a similar interface and aims to provide you with higher performance when navigating your favorite pages.
Improved version of Firefox
Firefox is one of the most popular Internet browsers and is used on a significant number of computer across the world. Since it is an open-source application, other developers have used it to create other browsers with similar or enhanced features.

This program is one of the improved versions and intends to provide you with a reliable navigator that uses the Windows 8 SDK. You can also download the portable version if you want to run it from a removable storage device.

The browser uses its own profile system, which means that you can create your own bookmark collection, different from that stored in Firefox. The add-on support is present and enables you to use the same enhanced functions.
Improvements that make it a stable browser
Since it relies on the engine of Firefox, the interface looks and feels the same. Additional options have been added to the main menu in order to easily clean the memory cache and restart the program.

You can also change the tab position and open the about:config tab from the Options submenu. Other changes include the possibility to change the download list aspect, clone a tab or enable geolocation features.

The main modification takes place under the hood and is related with the ability to work on 64-bit systems which is supposed to make the browser faster and more stable. You should also have in mind the memory usage when comparing the overall performance. There is also a version dedicated to 32-bit computers, so that all users can give Cyberfox 40.0.3 a try.
A fast and reliable Internet navigator for all users
Cyberfox 40.0.3 provides you with a fast and reliable browser, keeping the looks of Firefox, but providing its own set of enhancements. If you are on the run for a browser specifically created for 64-bit computers, Cyberfox 40.0.3 is a viable solution which you should try in order to assess its performance.

News in Cyberfox 40.0.3:

- Fixed: Passed patch for Bug 1171966 - Update SMIL animation styles only when there are pending change.
- Fixed: Missing about:newtab site titles.
- Fixed: Disable gfx.vsync.* startup crash on some gpu drivers.
- Adjusted: Try to curb startup crash Websense Endpoint.
- Updated: Passed CTR b1 to CTR 1.3.8 b2 features over to CyberCTR
- Refactored: Localization files. See here
- Updated: Passed CTR 1.3.8 b3 b1 to CTR 1.3.9 b3 features over to CyberCTR.
- Updated: ru (Russian) localization. (Massive thanks to Eroppo)
- Fixed: Alt about:newtab style site highlight color.

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