Opera Web Browser 31.0.1889.174

Opera Web Browser 31.0.1889.174
Publisher: Opera Software

Opera Web Browser 31.0.1889.174 Description

The most full-featured Internet power tool on the market, Opera Web Browser 31.0.1889.174 includes tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, integrated searches and advanced functions like Operas groundbreaking e-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Opera Web Browser 31.0.1889.174 offers several new features for functionality, security, usability, customization, searching, saving, taking shortcuts and accessing Web content.

Whether youre going to work, working from home, developing Web sites, or just looking for a quick, solid browser that can help you quickly access the Internet, Opera Web Browser 31.0.1889.174 delivers a superior Web experience for every aspect of your online life, with lots of tech tools for power users.


Speed Dial:
- Now you have a new way to access your favorite Web sites. Just open a new tab to get your Speed Dial. Its easy to populate and addictive to use.

- You dont need a separate BitTorrent application to download large files. Simply click a torrent link and start the download.

Site preferences:
- Want to view a site in a different way or deny certain cookies? Want to block pop-ups on certain sites only? Right click and select Edit site preferences.

Thumbnail preview:
- It is easy to have many tabs open at once in Opera. But exactly which tab had that video you wanted? Hover your mouse on any tab to see a thumbnail preview.

Fraud protection:
- Operas advanced fraud protection protects you against web sites that try to steal your personal information.

Add your favorite search engines:
- Right-click on the sites search field and select Create search from the menu.

- Small Web applications (multimedia, newsfeeds, games and more) that make your desktop experience more fun. Use the Widgets menu to discover new widgets and access your favorites.

Transfer manager:
- View download progress and access all your downloads from one simple transfer manager window.

Password manager:
- The password manager remembers your usernames and passwords so you will not have to.

Mouse gestures:
- Opera supports mouse gestures, allowing you to perform certain movements with the mouse to access commonly used features.

- Notes can be kept in conjunction with a Web site you want to refer to later, or remind you of any particular information you may like to review again.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
- Keyboard shortcuts - like mouse gestures - make your browsing faster and more efficient. Read more about all the keyboard shortcuts in Opera.

Tabbed browsing:
- Surf the Web easier and faster by opening multiple Web pages within the same application window

Integrated search:
- Search Google, eBay, Amazon and more with our integrated search field. You can also search directly in the address field using keywords

Fast Forward:
- Fast Forward will detect the most likely next page link and greatly simplify navigation in multi-page documents such as search results and image galleries.

- The voice feature allows you to control Operas interface by talking and to have documents read aloud. Voice is currently offered in English

Full-screen mode:
- The F11 key toggles Operas projection mode, using the whole screen for browsing and, if a projection style sheet is present, displays slides suitable for presentation.

Kiosk mode:
- Opera supports kiosk mode - a lock-down mode in which the browser can be used for unattended computers in public places.

Opera mail:
- Our built-in POP/IMAP E-mail client is a combined e-mail program, news reader, mailing list organizer and RSS/Atom newsfeed reader.

Standards support:
- We take pride in supporting all major Web standards currently in use, including CSS 2.1, XHTML 1.1, HTML 4.01, WML 2.0, ECMAScript, DOM 2 and SVG 1.1 basic.

News in Opera Web Browser 31.0.1889.174:

- DNA-34976 Name input with data in autofill edit dialog looks ugly
- DNA-37974 Logging out from sync causes crash on Opera Stable
- DNA-39953 wrong background in listview in bookmark manager
- DNA-40912 Middle-click scroll doesn’t change cursor icon
- DNA-41459 Crash on request for permission to use push notifications
- DNA-41773 Display the Default Apps control panel on Win10 when we want to be set as default.
- DNA-41866 [Win10] UI misalignment
- DNA-41950 [SD] Remove the 20px margin between the input and button in the Search box
- DNA-42072 [Mac][10.7] Frequent crash in >libobjc.A.dylib::9e38 from opera_autoupdate
- DNA-42207 Speeddials anomalities in Opera 31
- DNA-42246 [Win10] Scheduled task is not created by installer
- DNA-42249 Default apps windows displayed during the upgrade of Opera
- DNA-42384 Record Impressions of the new Discover

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