Sweet Home 3D 5.0

Sweet Home 3D 5.0
Publisher: eTeks

Sweet Home 3D 5.0 Description

Sweet Home 3D 5.0 is an application that enables you to create a sketch of your home. This type of program can be useful if you plan to move to someplace new or to make some changes around the house.

The interface of the program is plain and easy to work with. Thanks to the Explorer-based layout, you can easily locate and import objects, according to their type - bathroom, bedroom, doors, windows, kitchen, lights, living room and others (e.g. box, curtain, cylinder, staircase, workbench, hot water radiator).

So, you can add items to the sketch by using the drag and drop function, as well as make adjustments when it comes to the name, location, elevation, angle, size, color, texture and shininess of each piece of furniture.

By accessing the right-click menu, you can lock an object, create walls, rooms and dimensions, add text, modify the compass, import a background image, add levels, as well as zoom in and out, and export the project to the SVG or OBJ format.

Additionally, you can use the undo and redo functions, group and align objects, import a texture library, toggle the 3D viewing mode between aerial view and virtual visit, create images and videos, as well as print the object to a PDF file.

From the Preferences area you can change the interface language and measurement unit, disable 3D navigation arrows, magnetism, rulers and the grid, as well as specify the new thickness and height of the walls. Options can be restored to their default values.

The program requires a moderate-to-high amount of system resources, has a good response time and includes user documentation


- Draw walls and rooms upon the image of an existing plan
- Drag and drop doors, windows and furniture from a catalog onto the plan
- Update colors, texture, size and orientation of furniture, walls, floors and ceilings
- View all changes simultaneously in the 3D view from any view point
- Create photorealistic images and videos with various light sources
- Import additional 3D models and export plan at various standard formats

- News in Sweet Home 3D 5.0:

- Added a tool to draw polylines in the plan with various styles.
- Added the ability to display baseboards with wall and room modification panes.
- Made levels possibly not viewable with the new Viewable check box of their modification pane or with the new Make level unviewable menu item.
- Managed levels at the same elevation as layers with an order index that can be set in levels modification pane (may provoke some small changes in existing SH3D files).
- Added Edit > Paste style menu item to modify the style of the selected objects from the object of the same type copied in the clipboard.
- Added Add point to room and Delete point from room menu items in the contextual menu of the plan.
- Added the ability to select objects in furniture groups, edit them and delete them, without the need to ungroup grouped objects.
- Added Furniture > Add to group and Edit > Paste to group menu items to add objects to the selected group.
- Saved expanded groups in the furniture list.
- Added an option in preferences pane to change the default font.
- Added the ability to change the font and the color of free texts in their modification pane, as well as to display them in the 3D view at a given elevation.
- Added $level variable in print setup dialog box to print the name of the printed level in page header or footer.
- Checked the size of the image chosen in the background image and texture import wizards to propose to reduce it if its very large.
- Displayed an information message once a furniture or textures library import is completed.
- Allowed the pitch angle of the point of view to be between -90° and 90°.
- Accepted 1/8 1/4 3/8 1/2 5/8 3/4 7/8 fraction text to be entered when Foot/Inch/Fraction unit is in use.
- Fixed the management of negative values in Foot/Inch/Fraction unit.
- Improved DAE/Collada format support to accept files with missing data.
- Fixed a bug that prevented to render photos at the two highest quality levels when Turkish localization is in use.
- Included Dutch localization written by Gerwin Harmsen and Rob van den Berg.
- Included Traditional Chinese localization written by Lee Shin-Chun.
- Updated French, English and Chinese help pages.
- Replaced JRE 6u45 by JRE 8u51 in Sweet Home 3D installers bundled with Java under Windows.
- Other minor bugs fixes and enhancements.

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