Adobe After Effects CC 2015.0.1

Adobe After Effects CC 2015.0.1
Publisher: Adobe

Adobe After Effects CC 2015.0.1 Description

Adobe After Effects CC 2015.0.1 will enable you to create compelling motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects with flexible tools that help save you time and deliver unparalleled creative power.

Put your ideas in motion

Bring together footage of virtually any size and format, photographs, and 3D renders with text, vector artwork, and music -- and make it all come alive. Handle complex compositing projects with new efficiency thanks to native 64-bit operating system support.

Create polished productions
Get higher production values. Polish your productions with professional effects, hundreds of animation presets, precise tracking and keying controls, professional color support, and much more.

Add animation and interactivity
Craft sophisticated, professional animations that can be rendered as FLV files for your website. Or import your entire composition into Adobe Flash Professional, where you can add interactivity.


Responsive 64-bit performance:
- Work effectively on high-resolution projects -- even at 32-bit-per-channel color in HD, 2K, and 4K compositions. See longer previews using all system RAM. Spend less time waiting and more time creating with smart disk caching.

Global Performance Cache:
- Create more in less time, even in high-resolution projects. This revolution under the hood makes After Effects fast and responsive by taking full advantage of your computers hardware.

- Avid AAF and FCP 7 XML file import with Pro Import AE
- Import and work with files created in Apple Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier versions, as well as Avid Media Composer and Symphony, letting you integrate After Effects with professional production workflows.

Multiprocessor and multicore support:
- Render and preview faster by taking advantage of your computers power. After Effects uses multiple processor cores to calculate complex effects and to render multiple frames simultaneously.

Real-time, high-fidelity OpenGL support:
- Work with speed and precision using OpenGL, which enhances the display of blending modes, motion blur, anti-aliasing, track mattes, high-quality shadows, and transparency and accelerates the rendering of common effects.

Coordinated RAM allocation:
- Coordinate RAM usage across multiple Adobe Creative Suite® Production Premium components with unified memory management. Make the most of your system resources without learning complex memory management settings.

Layer and composition proxies:
- Prerender time-consuming compositions and assign them as proxies without changing the structure of your project. Temporarily replace large source comps with lower resolution versions to speed up work.

Variable mask feathering:
- Create a separate set of splines to precisely control mask feathering. Get the exact shape you want with the proper degree of softness at any point along the mask edge, resulting in a big boost to creative flexibility.

Roto Brush:
- Isolate foreground elements from backgrounds in a fraction of the time it would otherwise take using this revolutionary tool.

Unlimited masks:
- Control which parts of a 2D or 3D layer are visible by adding and animating a virtually unlimited number of masks on any layer. Individually control their feather and transparency.

- Use Academy Award-winning Keylight from The Foundry to create mattes of green screen and blue screen footage, even for difficult situations such as reflections, semitransparency, and hair.

Mask animations:
- Animate the shape of masks over time as well as their parameters, such as feather and opacity.

Imported masks:
- Copy paths in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software and paste them as masks in After Effects. Use the Shape effect to import masks tracked in mocha for After Effects CS6 from Imagineer Systems Ltd.

RotoBezier masks:
- Create RotoBezier masks from scratch or convert them from Bezier masks.

Track mattes:
- Use any layers pixel data (alpha channel or luminance) to determine the visibility of an adjacent layer.

Combined masks:
- Combine masks using Add, Subtract, Intersect, and Difference modes.

Specialized keying effects:
- Employ Difference, Color Range, Color Key, Linear Color Key, Extract, and Luma Key effects as needed for a specific job.

Mask interpolation:
- Control mask transitions when mask points dont transition properly to replicate natural motion.

Spill Suppressor:
- Remove unwanted color spill from any footage quickly and easily.

Color Difference Key:
- Replicate the method used to key color footage on many landmark films with the Color Difference Key.

Matte Choker and Simple Choker:
- Spread or choke the selection area of any alpha channel with a subpixel level of control.

Inner/Outer Key:
- Derive a key from border pixels that you select by creating a rough mask around the edges of an object.

Refine matte effect:
- Apply intelligent edge tracking, dechattering, and motion blurring capabilities to any layer with a problematic alpha channel, such as keyed footage.

- Produce animated vector masks automatically from any layers pixel data, including alpha channels.

3D Camera Tracker:
- Track 3D elements with complete control over depth of field, shadows, and reflections. Automatically analyze and place 3D track points onto 2D footage in the background while you work.

Ray-traced, extruded text and shapes:
- Extrude fully ray-traced text and shapes natively and take full advantage of reflections, environment maps, and more.

2D and 3D element combination:
- Work in 2D or 3D, or freely combine 2D and 3D elements in the same composition without having to change modes or redo your work. Default cameras and lights let you add dimension to a layer with no additional setup.

3D camera data import:
- Import 3D camera and other 3D data from any 3D tracking software that can export Autodesk Maya ASCII (MA) files. Extract camera information from an RLA/RPF sequence. Export After Effects camera data via third-party scripts.

Multiple 3D cameras per composition:
- Cut between multiple cameras in the same composition. Define unique cameras by angle of view, lens length, image area size, aperture, depth-of-field blur, and a host of other keyframable parameters.

3D lights and cameras:
- Work in 3D space using tools including Camera Lens Blur; light falloff; 3D camera data input; multiple 3D cameras per composition; and the ability to keyframe x, y, and z values separately.

- Multiple 3D lights with shadows
- Add multiple lights to a scene and animate them. Choose from different light types, set their color, and define their shadow darkness and diffusion individually.

Material options for each 3D layer:
- Define how each 3D layer in a scene responds to lights, including control over size and intensity of the specular highlight.

- Work with parent and child layers. A child layer inherits all transformations applied to the parent, including anchor point, while maintaining its own local animation.

Stencil, Silhouette, Preserve Transparency:
- Define individual layers to cut out all the layers below. Or have layers above honor the transparency of layers underneath.

Adjustment lights:
- Set a 3D light to illuminate a subset of layers in a composition.

Projection layers and colored shadows:
- Project light through a layer to create colored shadows, stained-glass effects, and the look of projected slides.

Nested compositions:
- Use a complex composition as a single-layer source. Feed multiple compositions into one, or use a single source comp multiple times, so that upstream changes ripple throughout a project. Easily navigate through nested comps.

Unified Camera tool:
- Take advantage of three-button mice for more intuitive, immediate 3D control with the Unified Camera tool. Keyboard shortcuts make it easy to look at all or selected layers.

Adjustment layers:
- Create adjustment layers, similar to those in Photoshop, to apply effects to any layers that appear below them.

Collapse Transformations:
- Combine the transform properties of nested compositions with higher level comps to reduce the number of times the pixels of a layer are processed, preserving their fidelity.

Timeline editing tools:
- Easily add and extract content from the timeline in your compositions using basic editing tools, such as Overlay and Ripple Insert Edit; Lift, Extract, and Trim Comp to Work Area.

3ds Max and Cinema 4D support:
- Get bidirectional support for the transfer of cameras, lights, null objects, plane objects and solids, footage, blend modes, opacity, and effects. Iterate more effectively and reduce rework.

Intuitive text creation and animation:
- Type, edit, and customize characters, words, and paragraphs. Animate text along a path, randomize or wiggle text, and more in 2D or 3D space. Add depth to your text by casting shadows and moving, rotating, or blurring.

Shape layers:
- Create and animate vector graphics easily with shape layers. Add properties such as stroke, stroke type, fill, and gradients to shapes and animate those properties.

Web-ready text animations:
- Export animated text as vector-based SWF files to create innovative, web-friendly animations.

Text conversion to shapes or masks:
- Convert text into editable paths -- either as shape layers or masks on solids -- so you can animate the individual vertices of each character.

Continuous rasterization:
- Maintain sharpness at any scale by setting Illustrator artwork, text, shapes, solid layers, and vector components of PDF and SWF files to be continuously rasterized.

Solid layers:
- Create simple solid shapes that can have effects applied and that can be masked and animated.

Shape path operators:
- Modify and animate hand-drawn or parametric shapes by applying shape effects, including Merge Paths, Offset Paths, Pucker & Bloat, Repeater, Round Corners, Trim Paths, Twist, Wiggle Paths, Wiggle Transform, and Zig Zag.

Creative text animation tools:
- Typeset text professionally and then set it in motion. Use more than 250 professional 2D and 3D text animation presets, or create custom text animations from scratch.

New and updated effects:
- Enhance your creativity with 90 new and updated built-in effects, including the complete 16- and 32-bit CycoreFX HD suite.

Color-correction effects:
- Edit color with a wide variety of effects, including Color Finesse 3 LE to create LUTs, Photoshop based color-correction and tinting tools, access to broadcast colors and gamma/pedestal/gain, and tools to isolate/change hues.

Camera Lens Blur:
- Create soft-focus effects with Camera Lens Blur. Set iris shape, blade curvature, and diffraction fringe characteristics for beautiful bokeh. Use these settings for depth-of-field control with the After Effects 3D camera.

Stereoscopic 3D workflow:
- Animate and composite stereoscopic projects easily. Quickly set up stereo camera rigs. Save time with simplified rendering of multiple cameras, and work with an updated 3D Glasses effect.

Blur and Sharpen effects:
- Create blur effects customized to the needs of the shot, including compound and edge-preserving smart blurs, as well as standard sharpening effects.

Distortion effects:
- Warp and distort footage with effects like Liquify, Bezier Warp, Wave Warp, Corner Pin, Reshape, and Displacement Map and with the unique Puppet tool. Simulate real camera lens distortion.

Generation effects:
- Generate imagery ranging from simple fills and gradients to realistic lightning bolts and electricity, as well as lens flares, strokes, grids, circles, scribbled lines, and animated graphics based on audio.

Stylized effects:
- Enhance existing imagery, ranging from subtle textures and hot-looking glows to stylized edges, brush strokes, and other effects. A dedicated Cartoon effect gives live footage the look of cel animation quickly and easily.

Simulation effects:
- Use advanced plug-ins to generate realistic wave reflection and caustic effects as well as to break up 2D layers into 3D pieces, which can then be exploded or further manipulated.

3D channel effects:
- Perform 3D post-processing of RLA and RPF files, extracting Object and ID Matte channels and normals and adding Depth Matte, Depth of Field, and Fog 3D effects.

Channel effects:
- Manipulate the individual color and alpha channel information of your images, including borrowing channels from other layers and performing advanced operations to combine channels or create grayscale images.

Perspective effects:
- Add shadows, bevel the outline of a layer, and even create a single 3D image by combining a left and right 3D view.

Noise and grain management effects:
- Match camera grain perfectly, automatically, and with full manual control, or remove it from footage entirely. Add or eliminate dust and scratches.

Time effects:
- Process footage based on other layers or adjacent frames using Time Difference, Displacement, and Echo effects. Timewarp offers extra control over the built-in Pixel Motion for precise retiming of footage.

Text effects:
- Generate numbers and timecode with text effects that supplement the powerful text engine already built into After Effects.

Utility effects:
- Customize Cineon log color conversion, alter assigned color profiles, manage HDR images to prevent clipping, and artificially grow images beyond their normal boundaries.

Transition effects:
- Use classic video-style transitions without the need to re-create them step by step.

Placeholders for missing effects:
- Preserve information about the settings used by each missing effect.

Turbulent Noise:
- Create natural phenomena such as clouds, lava, glowing water, and gas using the fast and efficient Turbulent Noise effect. Create looping animations of similar elements using the Fractal Noise effect.

Rolling Shutter Repair:
- Remove rolling shutter artifacts such as skew and wobble without forcing stabilization.

mocha for After Effects CS6:
- Launch mocha for After Effects CS6 directly within After Effects CS6.

Warp Stabilizer:
- Smooth handheld footage, or lock a shot automatically. Warp Stabilizer removes jitter and compensates for motion-related irregularities.

Keyframe Graph Editor:
- Gain precise graphical control over keyframe values, interpolation speed, and how properties and keyframes relate to each other over time.

- Slow down and speed up footage with smooth, crisp results and minimal artifacts. Timewarp analyzes pixel motion to create more accurate in-between frames with user-adjustable parameters.

Roving keyframes:
- Separate the Position path from the time it takes to move from one point to another.

Subpixel positioning:
- Enable the position of each object to be calculated to finer than 1/65,536th of a pixel for extremely smooth motion.

Frame blending modes:
- Choose between traditional Frame Mix and intelligent Pixel Motion modes to create new intermediate frames in speed-shifted footage.

Time displacement:
- Use the luminance of one layer to control the timing of individual pixels in another layer.

Motion Sketch and Smoother:
- Quickly draw an animation path for any layer and set its velocity with Motion Sketch; then fine-tune the shape and speed of the path with the Smoother. Integrates with the Puppet tool to create natural animation.

- Specify an auto-orientation option for each layer. Layers and cameras can easily auto-orient along 2D or 3D motion paths. 3D layers can also auto-orient toward the camera.

Puppet tool:
- Use the Puppet tool to animate text or images naturally with organic, pin-based deformations.

Independent x, y, and z keyframe values:
- Separate bundled x, y, and z value keyframes into their own curves that can be edited individually. Also recombine these streams back into standard bundled keyframes.

JavaScript-based expressions:
- Link the behavior of a property to that of another to easily create dynamic relationships, using the convenient pick whip or mathematical expressions. Simulate physical behavior realistically with minimal need for keyframes.

Multiple keyframe interpolation types:
- Animate motion or properties quickly and easily for smooth and elegant eases; linear paths; or sudden, stepped motion. Edit velocity and ease interactively in the Graph Editor or numerically.

Exponential Scale:
- Create natural-looking zoom effects by scaling exponentially instead of linearly.

Adaptive motion blur:
- Adjust motion blur on a layer-by-layer basis to produce more realistic animations. You control how the motion blur is calculated to customize its look and enhance its smoothness.

Time remapping:
- Keyframe time itself -- produce effects such as variable slow motion, freeze frames, and backward playback.

Motion Tracker:
- Track or stabilize with as many individual points as you like, or use standard one-, two-, and four-point settings to track x and y value, rotation, and scale and to create corner pins.

- Introduce organic randomness to static or smooth animated properties. Apply smooth or jagged changes to color, motion, and most any property with keyframes.

Flexible 8-, 16-, and 32-bit color modes:
- Start a composition in 8-bit color mode, and then finalize and output it to 16-bit or 32-bit color for optimal quality for film and HDTV.

Color Finesse 3 LE:
- Perform digital intermediate work in a full-featured color-correction environment with high-end telecine-style correction tools, using Color Finesse 3 LE from Synthetic Aperture.

Color LUT support:
- Get consistent color using industry-standard 3DL and CUBE lookup tables. Create your own color LUT files as exports from Color Finesse. The Apply Color LUT effect supports .Look files from Adobe SpeedGrade CS6 software.

Color management:
- Specify a color intent with an ICC profile. Any profile can be linearized or allow color blending with a 1.0 gamma. Recognize ICC profiles assigned by applications such as Photoshop on import, and apply them on output.

Display compensation:
- Simulate formats that cannot be previewed in real time, such as film projection, as well as those that can be, such as broadcast and HDTV monitors, directly in the Composition viewer.

New and updated effects:
- Enhance your creativity with 90 new and updated built-in effects, including the complete 16- and 32-bit CycoreFX HD suite.

Built-in creative tools:
- Produce cool animations from scratch right in After Effects by creating layers, adding masks, and applying effects.

Animation presets:
- Jump-start projects quickly with hundreds of fully customizable animation presets for transitions, color treatments, picture-in-picture effects, backgrounds, and numerous other animations.

Text animation presets:
- Use Adobe Bridge to quickly preview and apply more than 250 professionally designed, fully editable text animation presets, or create and save your own.

Shape presets:
- Browse and apply Shape Layer sprites and animations. Download hundreds more on Adobe Exchange, a central resource for finding third-party tools, services, and innovations that extend your Adobe products.

Automated animation:
- Take advantage of special behavioral presets to create animations without keyframes -- just set a few parameters and preview results, simple or complex.

Timesaving presets and learning tools:
- Jump-start text animation, synthetic background creation, and more with animation presets. Learn fast with help, tool tips, and training resources on the web.

Expressions and scripting:
- Use expressions to link individual parameters, effects, and layers in a variety of ways -- even across compositions. Also add custom capabilities to After Effects and automate repetitive tasks with robust scripting support.

Menu of preset commands:
- Reduce keystrokes and eliminate the need to memorize code with an extensive library of functions and commands available in a convenient contextual menu.

Script Debug menu:
- Isolate specific functions and statements in complex scripts by interactively managing breakpoints.

Integrated scripting palettes:
- Access all scripts in the Scripts menu instantly. Includes a JavaScript Console and Call Stack, Breakpoints, and Data Browser palettes.

Text-editing palettes:
- Organize and edit scripts using numbered lines, user-defined text formatting, and colored text.

Script profiling:
- Profile individual functions or lines within scripts for individual timing and hit count information to understand how and when individual parts of the script are called.

XML project file format:
- Export a project to an XML file, making it easier to write external scripts that modify the project file.

Support for multiple audio formats:
- Write compressed audio formats such as AAC and MP3 for Adobe Flash Professional software and H.264 video using Adobe Media Encoder. After Effects reads and writes multiple audio formats at multiple sample rates and bit depths (up to 32 bit).

Audio-driven motion graphics elements:
- Generate customizable visuals based on audio elements that animate dynamically along a frequency spectrum or that behave like an audio waveform.

Automatic sample rate conversion:
- Resample audio automatically using sampling rates from 8kHz to 96kHz.

Audio-to-keyframe conversion:
- Convert audio in a composition into a stream of keyframes that can be used directly or by expressions.

Advanced audio effects:
- Manage an audio mix in After Effects. Equalize, echo, reverberate, modulate, and process audio with 32-bit effects. Generate audio procedurally with a Tone generator, and then link to animations with the expressions pick whip.

Audio controls per layer:
- Control the audio levels of any layer. Manage balance, mix, and fades with built-in Levels and a Stereo Mixer effect

Avid AAF and FCP 7 XML file import with Pro Import AE:
- Import and work with files created in Apple Final Cut Pro 7 or earlier versions, as well as Avid Media Composer and Symphony, letting you integrate After Effects with professional production workflows.

Raw digital cinema workflow:
- Use high-definition source formats instantly. RED Rocket card and RMD metadata dramatically improve the performance and look of RED footage. Import footage in the open CinemaDNG format.

AVC-Intra support:
- Work natively with tapeless footage from Panasonic cameras thanks to AVC-Intra 50 and AVC-Intra 100 support.

Native RED EPIC camera support:
- Edit up to 5K footage shot from RED EPIC cameras without transcoding or rewrapping.

XDCAM HD export:
- Render in the XDCAM HD format using multiple bitrates, pixel aspect ratios, and frame rates. Roundtrip footage shot on popular Sony cameras so that your output is consistent with files being edited directly from source.

Network rendering:
- Install render-only versions of After Effects on multiple computers and harness them to render frames in large projects using a centralized Watch folder.

Batch rendering:
- Queue multiple compositions inside a single project to render in sequence without user intervention. Have one render create a proxy or source to be used by a later composition.

Extensive support for standard formats:
- Import and output files in QuickTime, FLV, SWF, AVI, MPEG-2, Windows Media, CinemaDNG, PSD, Camera Raw, OpenEXR, ProEXR, Cineon, SGI, TIFF, and others. Import files in Panasonic P2, Sony XDCAM HD, and RED.

Easy delivery of multiple formats:
- Assign multiple output modules, each using a different size and output format, to a single item in the Render Queue.

Adobe Media Encoder:
- Deliver virtually any format, including DPX, FLV, H.264, MPEG-2, QT, WM, and more, with Adobe Media Encoder. Batch encode multiple versions of source files and sequences, and control each item individually.

Flexible render settings:
- Specify resolution, frame rate, scale, and bit depth. Add interlacing; pull-down; individual layer switches; and RGB, alpha, or both (plus audio). Assign multiple output modules with different specs to one Render Queue item.

Batch rendering of web-optimized files:
- Create multiple FLV files with minimal effort by using the After Effects Render Queue. Manage renders for multiple compositions and export formats, including FLV and F4V files.

Integration with Adobe Illustrator:
- Instantly convert Illustrator vector art (AI and EPS format) into shape layers. Easily animate vector art in 2D or extrude to 3D.

3D and video support in Photoshop Extended:
- Create, import, and paint on 3D models in Adobe Photoshop Extended software, export as a layered PSD file, and animate the After Effects 3D camera. Export Vanishing Point 3D planes from Photoshop and animate in 3D with cameras and lights.

Photoshop HDR image and text support:
- Save 32-bit HDR and 16-bit color values in PSD files. Text remains editable, and layers, layer effects, blending modes, masks, and transparency are preserved when PSD files are imported as compositions.

Integration with Adobe Premiere Pro:
- Import Adobe Premiere Pro sequences with edits, markers, keyframed effects, transitions, and more. Share effects between applications via drag and drop or copy/paste. Export compositions to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Drag-and-drop encoding to Adobe Media Encoder:
- Drag and drop compositions from After Effects directly into Adobe Media Encoder to encode immediately, and continue working in After Effects while rendering.

Integration with Adobe Flash Professional:
- Export After Effects compositions and vector graphics as layered XFL format rich media projects for Flash Professional. Import and encode FLV files, batch rendering with embedded cue points.

Photoshop layer support:
- Import layer effects available in PSD files as a separate layer property. This yields greatly enhanced shadows, bevels, shading, and other treatments, which can also be animated.

Integration with Adobe Encore:
- Create DVD motion menus and buttons. Export movies with markers that Adobe Encore software reads as chapters. See After Effects edits in Encore without rendering with Adobe Dynamic Link in Production Premium.

Adobe Bridge:
- Organize, preview, and employ your assets using Adobe Bridge, a centralized media management utility included with After Effects.

Familiar Adobe look and feel:
- Leverage your knowledge of other Adobe products. After Effects uses standard Adobe tools, palettes, menus, and keyboard shortcuts, so you can get up to speed quickly.

Online LiveDocs:
- Use web search tools to find answers on Adobes website or on the web. Help files for all Adobe products are available online, are constantly updated by Adobe and a global community of users, and can be read offline.

Broad format support:
- Use the latest digital camera formats and share media with Adobe Premiere Pro, thanks to native support for tapeless formats in After Effects. Convert film, video, and web content to the correct format for your project.

Markers and cue point export:
- Export composition or layer markers as cue points in FLV files. Easily convert keyframe values into markers, allowing you to use motion tracking data and other After Effects keyframe values in Flash Professional.

Save As After Effects CS5.5:
- Work easily on projects with colleagues still using After Effects CS5.5: Save projects in After Effects CS5.5 format to take advantage of new features and performance improvements without the need for colleagues to upgrade.

Customizable brushes:
- Define brushes to control size, spacing, and angle, and save them for ongoing use.

Wacom tablet support:
- Use Wacom tablets for more precise control when painting in After Effects.

Advanced Clone tool:
- Remove unwanted distractions like dust and scratches or replicate elements for a desired effect, such as filling a stadium with people. The Clone tool offers multiple presets and onion skinning of the source frame.

Animated paint strokes:
- Animate individual paint strokes over time to change their size, position, or shape and to create write-on and write-off effects.

Eraser tool:
- Control whether the Eraser tool removes paint strokes only, the last stroke only, or paint strokes plus the underlying background footage.

Source timecode support:
- Take the guesswork out of source footage edits. See timecode data in QuickTime, AVI, Broadcast WAV (BWF), DPX, and some variations of MXF, and use the Timecode effect to display both source timecode and composition frames.

Auto-Keyframe mode:
- Animate quickly by setting starting keyframes automatically.

Quick arrangement of multiple layers:
- Use convenient tools to quickly align layers with each other or with the overall composition.

User-modifiable interface:
- Easily rearrange workspace panels and customize user interface brightness to suit the task at hand and your work environment. Tinted panel tabs make it easy to track project elements.

Targetable Layer panel:
- View individual sources in context or on their own with View and Render switches, which allow you to see a layer before or after masks or at any point in the effect chain.

Project management tools:
- Resolve duplicate sources, delete unused sources, and collect your project and sources into a new folder for easy backup, handoff, or transport using simple menu commands.

Resources to get you up to speed:
- Take advantage of convenient, searchable tool tips, context-sensitive menus, the website, the Community Help Client, numerous third-party books and training videos, and an active user community.

Grids, guides, and safe areas:
- Place layers precisely with grid patterns, safe areas, and guides you can position by hand.Title/action safe areas have programmable safe zone margins; widescreen compositions display 4:3 center cut safe areas.

Multiple views:
- Create multiple views for the same composition to see how layers interact in space, and manipulate them with confidence. Lock views so you can edit a nested composition while seeing the results downstream.

Guide layers:
- Specify layers that are visible only in a local composition without being rendered. Perfect for scratch audio tracks, guide overlays, temporary graphics, and more.

Interpretation rules:
- Define a set of rules that allows specific media types to be given predetermined default frame rates, aspect ratios, alpha channel types, and color profiles.

Easy search and navigation:
- Use QuickSearch to instantly locate any element or all used or missing footage in a comp or project. Navigate quickly between nested comps using the Composition Navigator and Mini-Flowchart.

XMP metadata:
- Add project-, comp-, and layer-level metadata to streamline project tracking, and automate asset auditing plus many other tasks that were previously handled manually.

News in Adobe After Effects CC 2015.0.1

- Fixed a problem that caused After Effects to not respond to commands to stop previews or to respond slowly when changing layer parameters, including entering text in a text layer. When the Warp Stabilizer VFX and 3D Camera Tracker effects were present anywhere in the project, they caused After Effects to become unresponsive to keyboard and mouse input during frame renders.
- Auto-trace has been rewritten to address problems with the new threading architecture.
- The z-axis handle on 3D layers works as expected.
- Changes to Camera Raw settings apply to the footage as expected and without causing Photoshop File Format errors.
- MXF files from Sony cameras again import as expected.
- Audio plug-ins like Trapcode Sound Keys and BorisFX Beat Reactor now function correctly.
- Multiple copies of certain effects, like those from RE:Vision Effects, no longer produce errors about I_MIX_GUID_DEPENDENCIES.
- Several audio-related fixes:
- Audio now starts immediately during previews.
- Stopping an audio preview returns the current-time indicator (CTI) to the previous position, as it did in previous versions of After Effects.
- Adding audio markers during a preview (by pressing * on the numeric keypad) no longer causes the preview frame rate to slow down, which then caused audio to drop or stutter.
- Scrubbing audio slowly now has a delay before beginning a loop around the CTI.
- The CTI and preview-time indicator (PTI) no longer disappear after scrubbing audio.
- In addition to the above, a number of other bugs have been fixed:
- Copying a Layer Control expression control effect from one layer to another no longer causes After Effects to crash.
- Effects with a layer parameter referring to the effect’s host layer now work as expected when that layer is copied and pasted.
- Clone Stamp strokes no longer fail to render if the source layer is of different dimensions than the target layer.
- Rendering to an image sequence no longer fails if the destination folder contains an image sequence that is in use by the project.
- Animation presets that contain only an expression no longer cause an error message or in some cases create erroneous keyframes.
- Stopping the render queue with a render item that was previously in WILL_CONTINUE status no longer causes that item to change to an incorrect status.
- Preview frame rate no longer slows down when you move the pointer over a previewing Composition, Layer, or Footage panel.
- The Radio Waves effect should no longer produce an uninitialized memory read error.
- After Effects no longer crashes when a layer’s scale is set to 0% at the same time an effect on that layer with custom UI is visible.
- After Effects no longer crashes in certain cases during processing of expression errors.
- After Effects no longer crashes or produces memory errors in certain cases using both expressions and time remapping.
- Audio preview now works in all non-English languages.
- After Effects compositions with the Warp Stablizer VFX or 3D Camera Tracker effects that are used in Premiere Pro via Dynamic Link no longer cause the error message: FLT_GeneralEffectCallPlus can not be called reentrantly. ( 25 :: 222 )
- The Mute Audio When Preview Is Not Real-Time option in Preferences > Previews is now disabled by default. The intent of this preference is to avoid playing stuttered audio in known cases when the preview frame rate will not be real-time, for example during the first pass of a preview while frames are rendered and cached. But because several bugs remain present After Effects CC 2015 that cause the preview frame rate to slow down during user interaction, even when the preview is playing back cached frames, we decided that hearing some audio is better than the audio dropping out. We will continue work on these bugs for a future update.
- After Effects CC 2015 (13.5.1) includes an update for the Color Finesse plug-in from Synthetic Aperture.

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Photoinstrument 7.4 Build 764 is an easy to learn tool for editing and retouching digital photos. The powerful raster graphics editor in PhotoInstruments quickly and easily allows ...

September 14, 2015
Size1.0 GB OSWindows 7 x64/ 8 x64 LimitationsEvaluation Downloads55