PlanetSide 2 Client 07.23.15

PlanetSide 2 Client 07.23.15
Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment

PlanetSide 2 Client 07.23.15 Description

Sometimes, being involved in a simple Call of Duty or Battlefield match is not enough. Even on large maps where up to 64 players can go head to head and use an entire arsenal on each other, things can still get a bit slow, especially if no one intends on playing as a team. Whenever that happens, you can rest assured because PlanetSide 2’s got you covered.

- Large-scale battles and plenty of action
PlanetSide 2 Client 07.23.15 is an MMOFPS in which you get to be involved in first-person shootouts between hundreds of people at the same time, using futuristic weapons and a variety of powerful vehicles. The action is guaranteed to get out of hand every now and again, but the real fun begins when you learn to be part of the team and use tactics to overpower the enemy. As such, the game aims to be a bit more than your regular point-and-shoot FPS, even if not everyone is willing to play along.

There are three factions to choose from, each one of which comes with a different set of classes. Obviously, they are well-balanced to avoid one faction overpowering the others, but even so, every class feels and plays differently. Not only that, but everyone’s got a specific role on the battlefield, and you should respect it if you want to win. Keep in mind that friendly fire is a thing in this game, so your bad aim can cause a lot more trouble than usual.

- Beautiful graphics and plenty of players to keep you company
The action takes place on four different maps, each one of which pretty huge and it can hold a lot of players at the same time. On the other hand, the war is ongoing on a planetary scale, which means that the balance of power is always shifting. Hence, the battles are never dull and they rarely get repetitive, mainly because there are so many different weapons, vehicles, and situations to deal with.

Thankfully, the graphics quality is top-notch as well, which means that everything looks fantastic when it comes to landscapes and the objects you interact with. However, this might also prove to be a bit of a downside, because the huge number of players fighting at the same time can cause a lot of inconveniences on less powerful computers. Despite that, it’s still worth it, because the battlefields look amazing.

- Plenty of fun and many hours of gameplay are waiting for you
All things considered, PlanetSide 2 Client 07.23.15 does an excellent job of creating a memorable experience and making the FPS genre fun again. Hence, if you are on the lookout for something fast-paced and loaded with action, this should definitely be on your watchlist.

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