GoldWave 6.12

GoldWave 6.12
Publisher: GoldWave Inc.

GoldWave 6.12 Description

GoldWave 6.12 is a very good digital audio editor.

GoldWave 6.12 is ideal for people who work with audio for CD editing, archive restoration, speech analysis, radio and TV, Java and Web pages, games, or just for fun.

GoldWave 6.12 is the most advanced and complete audio editor available in its price range. GoldWave 6.12 includes all of the common audio editing commands and effects, plus powerful built-in tools such as a batch processor/converter, a CD reader, and audio restoration filters that cost extra in other similar programs.


- Multiple Document Interface for working with many files in one session
- Huge file editing: 4GB and beyond (NTFS only)
- Configurable RAM or hard drive editing
- High quality: 24 bit, 192kHz
- Real-time visuals: bar, waveform, spectrogram, spectrum, VU meter, ...
- Fast non-destructive editing. Cut, copy, delete, and undo take only a fraction of a second, regardless of the file size
- Multiple undo levels
- Many effects: distortion, doppler, echo, filter, mechanize, offset, pan, volume shaping, invert, resample, equalizer, time warp, pitch, reverb, volume matcher, channel mixer, ...
- Effect previewing and presets
- Audio restoration filters: noise reduction, pop/plick, smoother
- Supported file formats (wav, mp3, ogg, aiff, au, vox, mat, snd, voc, raw binary data, text data, and more)
- File format plug-ins for the next generation of audio compression, such as WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC.
- DirectX Audio Plug-in hosting
- Effect chain editor
- Audio CD Reader
- Batch processing and conversion
- Drag-and-drop cue points, with auto-cue and file splitting features.
- Direct waveform editing with the mouse
- Customizable tool bars
- Customizable waveform colours
- Clean, friendly, easy-to-use interface.
- Several built-in accessibility features and keyboard shortcuts
- Excellent value

News in GoldWave 6.12:

- Fixed bugs: Batch Processing, Save As title.
- Recompiled using Embarcadero C++ Builder XE8.
- Added Music Staff visual.
- Added Transfer Settings From v5 button to Setup window.
- Added Memory Store, Recall, Exchange settings in Batch Processing
- selection edit command.
- Updated FLAC encoder.
- Added transparent colours to Voice Over preview.
- Added logic to Batch Processing.
- Fixed bugs: cannot restore Overview graph after window maximized,
- CD read speed, Voice Over presets, gw-meta-data placeholder,
- preset error message, Spectrogram buffer overrun, Effect Chain
- Editor preset, visual buffer overrun with mono files,
- Pop/Click detection.

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