X-Plane Demo 10.35

X-Plane Demo 10.35
Publisher: Laminar Research

X-Plane Demo 10.35 Description

Human beings have been flying for over one hundred years now, a feat that was deemed impossible for millennia before that. In this relatively short time span, planes and aircraft have been considerably improved, now being able to fly at supersonic speeds and at dizzying altitudes. It is, however, quite difficult to obtain a permit, since it takes quite a bit of practice and experience.

- Explore the world from aboard a variety of planes
X-Plane Demo 10.35 is a flight simulator that provides you with a very realistic experience when it comes to piloting an aircraft, complete with a very large pack of real-word scenery rendered in beautiful 3D. Furthermore, you can get inside a variety of planes and take them for a ride, ranging from commercial aircraft, to military-grade airplanes equipped for breakneck speeds across the sky.

Since the game recommends itself as a simulator, you should be aware that the aircraft are about as difficult to pilot as they are in real life, especially if you have no previous experience with them. The amount of buttons, switches and controls available in the cockpit can cause headaches right from the start, especially since all of them work and have their unique functions. You can, however, get the hang of it quite quickly, thanks to the impressive amount of documentation and tutorials that are available.

- Impressive graphics and detailed environments
As previously mentioned, X-Plane Demo 10.35 occupies quite a bit of space, due to its very detailed depiction of the Earth and its scenery. Thus, most of the globe can be explored inside the game, including remote regions of the world and large cities, all of which are rendered in beautiful 3D graphics. The engine is capable of handling an impressive amount of detail, especially when it comes to the planes and their cockpits, which are closely modeled after their real counterpart.

Technical-wise, X-Plane Demo 10.35 also uses a very complex aerodynamic model to give the aircraft their properties, which is based on the blade element theory. Hence, the planes follow rules very close to reality, which makes X-Plane a very good tool to practice or learn or to pilot the real thing. In addition, you are also encouraged to create your own planes and scenery, using the built-in editor.

- A complex and satisfying flying experience
If you enjoy flying, X-Plane Demo 10.35 can provide you with the closest simulation there is when it comes to piloting. Furthermore, the beautifully rendered scenery that emulate the real world give you plenty to admire from aboard the aircraft, especially on higher quality settings.

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