Lost Saga 5.14.14

Lost Saga 5.14.14
Publisher: WeMade Entertainment

Lost Saga 5.14.14 Description

Heroes from Myth, Legend, Fantasy and Sci-Fi unite!

Battle it out as your favorite heroes from across space and time!
23 iconic heroes wait for their chance at glory in the first season with over 100 more waiting to join the fight in the future.

You will be able to use each hero's unique skills to achieve fame and fortune for you, your guild, and your faction as you battle in ancient ruins, floating castles, icy rifts, space stations and more!

Fight in classic Deathmatch or Team Match modes along with new unique modes:
- Crown Control
- Prisoner
- Power Stone
- Boss Raid

Use your fighting powers to advance you and your guild and progress in the Time-Lost War, the epic battle between the Order and the Legion.

News in Lost Saga 5.14.14:

- Bug - fixed
- Guild chat tab has been fixed and will no longer disable chat ability.
- LostSagaShot_140513_103012_zps877b94bc
- Content Update
- Dwarf Mode / Jiangshi Mode (a.k.a. Ghost Tag Mode)
- (Limited-time) Gear Extender sale [5/14/2014 - 5/27/2014]
- What is "Gear Extender"?
- This item enables you to a timed gear of your choice to become something of permanent.
- LostSagaShot_140514_091318
- When you view your timed gear, it will mention something about "extending" remaining period to 100 days.
- This is where Gear Extender kicks in.
- LostSagaShot_140514_091320
- You can "use" any of the Gear Extenders in an inventory to "extend" the remaining period of your gear.
- LostSagaShot_140514_091329
- Once used, such as an example above, you will see that the remaining time has been extended by 10 days.
- Each use will likely yield different time extension ranging anywhere from 1 day through 100 days.
- LostSagaShot_140514_091358
- Once the remaining time has reached "100" days - your gear is now considered "permanent".
- Gear Extender Lite - 500 ZP / 1EA
- Gear Extender - 1,000 ZP / 1EA
- Gear Extender Pro - 2,000 ZP / 1EA
- The better the Gear Extender, the higher the chance of upgrading gear to permanent status faster.
- "Lite" version will extend your timed gear by any one of 1 / 2 / 5 / 100 days
- "Normal" version will extend your timed gear by any one of 2 / 4 / 8 / 100 days
- "Pro" version will extend your timed gear by any one of 3 / 10 / 15 / 100 days
- [Silver Coin Event Shop]
- Please choose wisely with the limit in mind!
- Use the Silver Coins to obtain following items from our event shop!
- Avenger Armor
- Succubus Outfit
- Combat Engineer Helmet
- Galaxy Cloak
- Dimensional Armor
- Laser Armor
- Titan Armor
- Safety Helmet
- Avenger Circlet
- Laser Trinket
- Druid's Cloak
- Legendary Gear Chest*
- No purchase limit on this item
- [5/14/2014 - 5/27/2014]
- "To Arms!" -
- Daily log-in Event: Log in once per day to receive a Silver Coin x1.
- "Daily Brawl" -
- Play in a room for 1 hour a day and receive a Silver Coin x1.
- "In the Zone" -
- Remain online for 30 minutes and receive a Gear Extender (1 day) x1.
- [5/17/2014 - 5/18/2014]
- "Weekend Relaxation" -
- Remain online for 60 minutes and receive a Gear Extender (10 days) x1. (repeatable)
- [5/14/2014 - 5/27/2014]
- "Snow Town Rampage" -
- Complete Snowtown 3 times on normal difficulty and receive a Lucky Hero Scroll x1. (For beginners from level 1 through Sgt. First Class ONLY! repeatable)

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