PC Startup Master 3.0.325.0

PC Startup Master 3.0.325.0
Publisher: Smart PC Utilities Ltd

PC Startup Master 3.0.325.0 Description

PC Startup Master 3.0.325.0 is a Windows start-up management and optimization solution that enables the user to decide what will be the applications that run at system start-up.

It is a great way to remove unsafe and unnecessary programs from system start-up, thus increase system start-up speed and get faster responses from the PC.

Performance will be increased overall since unwanted applications will not be allowed to run.

- Easy and powerful
The user-friendly interface is easy to use with a set of tools that make controlling start-up programs a simple task even for the users that dont have much PC experience.

- Start-up Delayer
With this feature you are allowed to specify what programs to run first at system start-up, reducing the impact on system load and performance. Applications will no longer run all at once, instead you will specify a running sequence.

Start-up Guard is a security add-on with improved monitor functionality, notifying and being able to undo changes applied to start-up settings from malware and unsafe software.

- Extra Security
PC Startup Master 3.0.325.0 will scan the start-up programs to detect unsafe and malicious applications that might run when the system is started. This enhances system security by preventing and eliminating malicious applications to run at start-up.

The users interface is very simple to use, with large nicely designed buttons.

From the main window you add, disable, delete, delay, run, edit, backup, or view the start-up programs.

The backup function will allow displaying the properties for the selected program. This is also the place where you will be given the shortcut to the registry entries for that selected program.

Start-up Guard will monitor and protect Windows start-up from potentially unwanted changes.

News in PC Startup Master 3.0.325.0:

- Major performance improvements.
- Major GUI enhancements with high DPI support.
- Added the ability to manage and optimize Windows services.
- Added the ability to manage and optimize Windows scheduled tasks.
- Added startup items search functionality.
- Added Feedback module to send user feedback and error reports.
- Added startup items highlighting functionality.
- Added the ability to check for updates on each startup.
- Added the ability to customize startup columns.
- Added the ability to get the running status of startup items.
- Added the functionality of saving startup items.
- Added the ability to undo the deletion of startup items in Startup Guard.
- Improved startup items sorting functions.
- Improved startup items listing by organizing them into groups.
- Improved the online search for startup items information.
- Improved startup items exporting functionality.
- Improved Startup Delayer to allow advanced customization of delayed startup items.
- Improved the adding and editing of startup items with a new GUI design.
- Improved Startup Guard notifications.
- Improved Startup Guard logging.
- Improved support for Windows 64-bit.
- Fixed several bugs in Startup Guard.
- Fixed a bug of not displaying startup items icons in Windows 64-bit.
- PC Startup Master now targets Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

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