RJ TextEd 10.30

RJ TextEd 10.30
Publisher: Rickards Software

RJ TextEd 10.30 Description

RJ TextEd 10.30 enables you to use syntax definition files in order to recognize keywords, tags, strings and other items that you want highlighted in the text. RJ TextEd 10.30 is a Unicode editor capable of loading and saving ANSI, UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode big endien files.

RJ TextEd 10.30 can use class auto completion, tag auto completion and hints to assist in editing your source files. The documents can be saved encrypted using strong encryption (twofish) or as html with syntax coloring.

RJ TextEd 10.30 does not only handle source code. It also handles true ASCII files, binary files and of course plain text files. RJ TextEd 10.30 also uses language files to display menus and dialogs in different languages. The included languages are English and Swedish. New language files can easily be created in the editor.


- Edit plain text
- The editor can handles any type of text file (and binary). ANSI, ASCII (DOS), UTF-8, Unicode... And the text document can be converted to a different character set, if necessary.
- Internally all text are handled as Unicode and all functions of the editor support Unicode. The editor can load and save ANSI, UTF-8 or Unicode texts.
- Opens multiple documents in a tabbed view.
- Spell check in several different languages. Work very well even in Unicode documents where many languages might be used.
- Unlimited undo/redo.
- 10 different bookmarks.
- A smart word wrap. Tries to cut the text so it is as readable as possible.
- Edit source code
- For source codes the editor has user defined coloring of syntax elements (syntax highlighting), if a definition file is available for that programming language.
- New syntax definition files can easily be created and several are available on the home page.
- Synchronized Editing. Rename a word (variable, method...) in several places within a selected block of text.
- Block Comments. Comment or uncomment a selected block of text.
- Class auto completion. Unicode supported.
- Tag auto completion. Unicode supported.
- Write a home page
- The editor use auto completion to aid you in writing tags and attributes.
- Several html tag shortcuts are available as well as several wizards e.g. Table editor, list editor, frame editor...
- There is a complete CSS editor to help you create style sheets.
- Html preview which let you see the result of you editing.
- Validate your html document. The result of the validation is displayed and you can quickly identify the faulty code.
- Format/repair you html document. Several options are available e.g. word wrap, indention.
- The editor has an FTP client in the tab Publish Web to help you manage you home site.
- It uses simple text files for language support to displaying menus and dialogs in different languages.
- Html validation and format/repair.
- Several tools are included, charview, converter, color picker...
- An editor to create or edit syntax definition files are included.

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