Deckadance 2.43

Deckadance 2.43
Publisher: Image-Line Software

Deckadance 2.43 Description

Deckadance 2.43 is an all-in-one mixing application for both beginner and professional DJs that enables them to mix 4 tracks at a time using various effects.

Using Deckadance 2.43 you can link a single knob to any number of FX and Mixer interface targets. You can also use 8 FX per deck.


- Decks -- Choose 2 or 4 deck mixing.
- Smartknobs - Link a single knob to any number of FX & Mixer interface targets under userprogrammable envelope control.
- GrossBeat - 8 user defined FX per deck with integrated editor. Programmable and automated glitch, stutter & scratch functions.
- Frequency isolated effects - Up to 3 chained insert effects per track (choose from 10) applied independently to High, Mid, Low or any combination of bands.
- Sampler -- 1/32 to 16 step beat-matched easy sampling. One shot, trigger, retrigger and loop modes.
- Smart Panels -- User configurable Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key, Smart Knob and Tempo panels. From 2 to 8 per deck.
- Customizable interface -- Show only the features you use. Configure decks, smart panels and Function panels to show your most used features.
- VSTi host & client - Hosts VST plugins. Includes Effector VST plugin (see below).

News in Deckadance 2.43:

- Added MIDI scripts for Hercules controllers: UniversalDJ, DJC Wave, DJC Rmx2, DJC Air, DJC Air Plus, DJC Instinct,
- DJC 4M, DJC MP3 E2, DJC 4 Set (Special thanks to DJ Phatso, Hercules technical support) [DD-340].
- Fixed sendSysExMessage command in MIDI scripting engine [DD-341].
- Fixed various problems in the MIDI scripts provided in v2.42 [DD-342].
- Gibson have acquired Image-Lines Deckadance DJ music application and rights.

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