LANState Pro 7.73

LANState Pro 7.73
Publisher: 10-Strike Software

LANState Pro 7.73 Description

LANState Pro 7.73 is a straightforward software tool which can be used in order to add hosts, place them on diagrams, monitor your network and generate reports.

The installation process does not bring any surprises, and after completing it, you come face to face with a plain UI. It encompasses a menu bar, several shortcut buttons and a panel to display your map. It can be handled with ease by anybody, as long as they have some knowledge of networking.

LANState Pro 7.73 features a demo map, so that novice users can have an idea on how their projects can look like. Aside from that, it is also possible to create new network maps with the help of a wizard.

It is possible to take advantage of drawing lines and areas, so that you can better visualize your network model, as well as align items, arrange them in a circle, make a table and sort them according to host name, IP address, map object name or type.

You can view system information such as the registry, resources, connections, accounts, groups, ports and processes, and generate a report with all this data and save it to the hard drive in a RTF, HTML, TXT, CSV, PDF or OLE format.

Generating charts and statistics is also possible, pertaining to many aspects, including map hosts, all monitoring checks, response time for the last hour and downtime for a specified period.

Surprisingly enough, the CPU and memory usage is insignificant and thus, the utility does not put a strain on the computer’s performance.

To sum up, LANState Pro 7.73 proves to be a good network mapping, monitoring and managing solution for all Windows networks. It has a good response time, an easy-to-use environment and our tests did not reveal any crashes or errors.


- Import custom backgrounds for more evident network maps look.
- Access and manage remote devices in a couple of clicks, using LANStates visual network map. You are able to shut down, restart, and turn on servers and workstations, access remote services and resources, view remote event logs, access remote registry, list processes, devices, services, and so on.
- Export network maps to Microsoft Visio (in LANState Pro only).
- Send messages to domain users with help of integrated advanced messenger.
- Monitor connections to your shared resources and be notified when someone connects to your shared resources (logging, sound/screen notifications, and black list are supported).
- Access your network map remotely via HTTP protocol using built-in web server, and export network map to xml file format (LANState Pro).
- The program contains many useful tools for administrators, such as network scanner, port scanner, ping, trace route, name lookup, etc.
- LANState builds a network map automatically by scanning Windows network neighborhood or IP address range.
- Save your network map for future use, print it, export it to a bitmap file.
- Be notified by background device monitoring via a screen message, sound, or e-mail when your servers go down or start working.

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