RapidComposer 2.82

RapidComposer 2.82
Publisher: MusicDevelopments

RapidComposer 2.82 Description

RapidComposer 2.82 is a complete solution for music composers, both amateurs and professionals. It is a comprehensive software that offers you advanced tools for score composing or editing. With its preview tool you can listen to your creation as you compose it.

Select chords and scales

The Composition tab allows you to lay down any musical notes sequence that you can think of. You can select a certain chord progression or choose from the pre-set scales in order to obtain the desired pitch or frequency.

The phrase generator sets a base line for a specific instrument composition. You can view phrases generated especially for string instruments, such as guitar, piano, clarinet, drums, or bass.

Quick to compose, quick to edit

RapidComposer 2.82 features a complex editing function that allows you to modify any note, measure, chord or phrase manually or with the help of the Variations menu. You can easily duplicate an entire phrase or joint notes, change the chord or the pitch as well as modify the tempo of the tune.

The quick access buttons above the editing area enable you to instantly move your pitch one octave higher or lower, or switch between short snaps and whole beats. The program can also offer you different types of scales so that you can easily progress with your blues composition, Persian harmony or Lydian minor tune.

Editing phrases and progressions

Establishing the chord progression for a melody is made easier with the Progression editor and the built in templates. You can select one of the pre-set sequences and insert or overwrite the chords’ succession.

The Phrase editor allows you to modify tempos, add ascending or descending accents right inside the track.
Explaining Chords
The Chord Palette is a comprehensive collection of chords, each assigned a different color, according to the category it belongs to. For instance, in a D# scale and Melodic Minor tonality, the first and second measures are dark blue, while the sixth and seventh are yellow.

You can select between Minor, Major, Blues, Pentatonic, Chromatic, Blues and numerous other tonalities. The Chord palette displays the notes that you can add to your composition.
MIDI Support
The software enables you to import MIDI files and edit them like any other score that you compose or open with RapidComposer.
RapidComposer 2.82 is a versatile tool that allows professional users to create or edit music in a speedy manner and beginners to learn and practice melody composing.

News in RapidComposer 2.82:

- Faster Undo/Redo when VST plug-ins used; VST states are not restored unnecessarily
- Collapse All button added in the Variations browser
- New setting: Remember browser positions and sizes (disabled by default)
- Import MIDI continuous controllers from MIDI files
- Loading composition... is displayed during loading a composition and loading VST plug-ins, which may take seconds
- MIDI controllers are reset when playback is starting (Reset All Controllers + reset pan and volume)
- Browser filter button colors can be set in the preferences and are part of the UI theme
- Fixed timeline selection by Shift-dragging which selected beats beyond the end of line
- Fixed Remove First Beat and Insert One Beat Before First in phrase editor
- Bug fix: when a chord progression was dropped on the timeline sometimes the previously selected progression was used
- Bug fix: Undo sometimes created unwanted VSTi plug-in instances
- Bug fix: compositions containing Line generator were not loaded
- Bug fix: loading an idea preset made phrases and variations appear multiple times
- Bug fix: note velocity values were reset sometimes during loop playback
- Various other optimizations and bug fixes

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