Smart Shooter 3.2

Smart Shooter 3.2
Publisher: Hart Codeworks

Smart Shooter 3.2 Description

Smart Shooter 3.2 is an advanced and easy to use application designed to enable you to control your camera from your PC being able to explore and experiment to take the perfect picture.

Automatic download and display means you can fully evaluate your photos in seconds, and real time live view output will help you focus and compose the scene. Scripting language lets you control your camera, allowing you to take multiple photos with varying settings just by clicking a single button.

Supported cameras:
- Canon 1D Mark IV
- Canon 5D Mark II
- Canon 7D
- Canon 40D
- Canon 50D
- Canon 60D
- Canon 450D
- Canon Rebel XSi
- Canon Kiss X2
- Canon 500D
- Canon Rebel T1i
- Canon Kiss X3
- Canon 550D
- Canon Rebel T2i
- Canon Kiss X4
- Canon 600D
- Canon Rebel T3i
- Canon Kiss X5
- Canon 1000D
- Canon Rebel XS
- Canon Kiss F
- Canon 1100D
- Canon Rebel T3
- Canon Kiss X50
- Nikon D3
- Nikon D3s
- Nikon D3x
- Nikon D4
- Nikon D40
- Nikon D60
- Nikon D80
- Nikon D90
- Nikon D200
- Nikon D300
- Nikon D300s
- Nikon D700
- Nikon D800
- Nikon D800E
- Nikon D5000
- Nikon D5100
- Nikon D7000


- Remote camera control via USB cable
- Full control of camera settings
- Photo download and display on you computer
- Real time zooming/panning photo display
- Live View display including overlay mode
- Live View recording of each frame to JPEG file
- Bulb shooting with timed exposure
- JPEG and RAW file formats
- Connect and control multiple cameras
- Automatic control via scripting
- Tethered shooting with automatic download and preview

News in Smart Shooter 3.2:

- Add support for Canon 7D Mark II
- Add support for Nikon D750
- Add preliminary support for Nikon Coolpix cameras
- Add button to show/hide camera and photo names in the display window
- Add warning indicator for when multi-camera settings are mismatched
- Add option to set a default camera autofocus mode
- Add ability to enable/disable Mirror Lockup on Canon
- Add button for anticlockwise photo rotation
- Improve UI for adding camera presets
- Allow camera presets to include all available camera settings
- Support display autorotate for RAW photo orientation
- Ensure busy icon is shown whilst local camera operations are pending
- Convert semicolons to underscores in photo filenames
- Harmonise text used for camera autofocus modes
- Harmonise text used for Canon exposure compensation settings
- Show columns for camera settings in the camera table
- Add filename expression token [M] for milliseconds
- Allow filename expression [D] and [T] (date/time) to include a separator character
- Allow SetActiveCamera script function to take camera name as parameter

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