PHP 5.6.2

PHP 5.6.2
Publisher: PHP Development Team

PHP 5.6.2 Description

PHP started as a quick Perl hack written by Rasmus Lerdorf in late 1994. Over the next two to three years, it evolved into what we today know as PHP/FI 2.0. PHP for Windows is a quick Perl hack tool.

PHP/FI started to get a lot of users, but things didn't start flying until Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans suddenly came along with a new parser in the summer of 1997, leading to PHP 3.0. PHP 3.0 defined the syntax and semantics used in both versions 3 and 4.

News in PHP 5.6.2:

- Implemented FR #38409 (parse_ini_file() loses the type of booleans).
- Fixed bug #65463 (SIGSEGV during zend_shutdown()).
- Fixed bug #66036 (Crash on SIGTERM in apache process).
- Fixed bug #67878 (program_prefix not honoured in man pages).
- Fixed bug #67938 (Segfault when extending interface method with variadic).
- Fixed bug #67985 (Incorrect last used array index copied to new array after unset).
- Fixed bug #68088 (New Posthandler Potential Illegal efree() vulnerability). (CVE-2014-3622)
- Made DOMNode::textContent writeable.
- Fixed bug #67731 (finfo::file() returns invalid mime type for binary files).
- Made fontFetch's path parser thread-safe.
- Fixed bug #67917 (Using GMP objects with overloaded operators can cause memory exhaustion).
- Fixed bug #50175 (gmp_init() results 0 on given base and number starting with 0x or 0b).
- Implemented gmp_import() and gmp_export().
- Fixed bug #67839 (mysqli does not handle 4-byte floats correctly).
- Fixed bug #67850 (extension won't build if openssl compiled without SSLv3).
- Fixed issue krakjoe/phpdbg#111 (compile error without ZEND_SIGNALS).
- Fixed bug #67955 (SoapClient prepends 0-byte to cookie names).
- Fixed bug #67972 (SessionHandler Invalid memory read create_sid()).
- Implemented FR #67990 (Add optional nowait argument to sem_acquire).

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