MAGIX Video Pro X6

MAGIX Video Pro X6
Publisher: MAGIX AG

MAGIX Video Pro X6 Description

MAGIX Video Pro X6 is a professional video editing program for Windows PC systems. High-performance, native HD editing, DVD authoring with up to 8 audio tracks, or keyframe animation with Bezi├â┬®r curve control is directed at users with higher standards.

MAGIX Video Pro X6 enables you to import several types of media files, including video, audio or images, then edit, merge and save them as a movie.
The program is clearly divided into intuitive modules. Videos, photos, and audio from a wide range of sources can be transferred from various devices to PC. Longer movies can be automatically separated into chapters or scenes. You can also do the opposite and combine individual recordings to make a single movie.

Once your video is finished, you can use it in different ways: Transfer it back onto the tape or to your camcorder, export it in any conventional format, or burn it directly to Blu-ray, DVD, or another format of disc.

News in MAGIX Video Pro X6

64-bit Performance:
- Video Pro X6 is the first video editing program from MAGIX with native 64-bit programming.
- New H.264 and audio codecs plus an optimized video engine ensure unparalleled performance and enable the use of more than 4 GB of RAM for complex projects.
Movie Objects (Nested Sequences):
- With Video Pro X6 entire video sequences can become objects in a project. That means that complete movies can be used in other movies as objects. Complex
- movies can be edited easily and flexibly with effects and animations using objects for quick arranging.
Precision measuring instruments:
- Four new measuring instruments enable precise control during editing. The Vectorscope, Waveform Monitor, Histogram and RGD Parade make it possible to limit the dynamic and the color saturation of broadcast areas as well as correct
- exposure problems and color errors. GPU optimization means that all of this can be done in realtime with up to 4K resolution.
Import and formats:
- Expanded 4K Support - for HD consumer cameras to professional budget cameras and high-end devices.
Professional effect plugins:
- proDAD Mercalli V2 (64-bit version) - stabilizes shaky videos;
- Red Giant Magic Bullet Quick looks 1.4 (64-bit version) - video effects; Exclusively in Video Pro X6: Three extra effect packages (Vintage Looks, Wedding Looks and Rebel Epic) with more than 85 additional templates.
New and Improved Audio and Video Effects:
- Complete redesign of the effects section and all the most important video effects have been GPU-optimized.
- Also new - the wind and rumble filer in the audio section and the Mastering Suite 4 with improved design and handling.
Improved Usability for Faster Results:
- Optimized handles for image size and positioning, the new Ease In/Ease Out
- function for each keyframe, the Qualifier for precise positioning on a specific axis in the video monitor, separate horizontal or vertical centering and relative positioning for object groups.

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