Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.6

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.6
Publisher: Media Player Classic

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.6 Description

Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.6 was designed to be a Media Player Classic but for home cinema usage.

In addition, Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.6 can also support playback and recording of television as long as a compatible TV tuner is installed.

Now, you can use this accessible and easy-to-use piece of software to view all your favorite videos.


Supported Decoding:
- MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 playback. Media Player Classic is capable of VCD, SVCD and DVD playback, without the need to install any additional software or codecs.
- It has built-in codecs for MPEG-2 video and codecs for LPCM, MP2, AC3 and DTS audio, and also contains an improved MPEG splitter that supports playback of VCDs and SVCDs using its VCD/SVCD/XCD Reader. A *.mp4 and MPEG-4 Timed Text support added. An AAC decoding filter makes MPC suitable for AAC playback in MP4.
- MPC Home Cinema also has H.264 and VC-1 with DXVA support, DivX, Xvid, and Flash Video formats is available in MPC HC. MPC can also use the QuickTime and the RealPlayer architectures. Media Player Classic supports native playback of OGM and Matroska container formats.

Supported Video, Audio and Image File Formats:

Additional Player Features:
- Option to remove Tearing.
- Full ICC color management
- Support for EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer)
- Usage of Toolbar images
- Supports Subtitles.
- Creation of minidump when MPC HC crashes.
- OSD (On Screen Display)
- Support Multi-Monitor configuration
- Pixel shader to convert BT601 - BT701
- YV12 Chroma Upsampling pixel shader
- Language Translations.
- All features from the Guliverkli MPC Project from Gabest.

News in Media Player Classic - Home Cinema 1.7.6:

- New:
- ISR: Add an option to control subtitle renderer behavior regarding anamorphic video
- ISR: Add an option to render subtitles at the source video resolution like VSFilter.
- VSFilter: Display more informative names for external subtitles (similar to what is done with the internal subtitle renderer)
- Add a "Copy to clipboard" feature to the "Play > Filters" menu so that the list of currently loaded filters can be copied easily
- Add an option in the "Save Subtitle" dialog to control the export of the default style as an external ".style" file
- Ticket #1411, Internal Subtitle Renderer/VSFilter: Support loading external PGS subtitles
- Changed:
- Don't use auto-zoom feature when the window was positioned using the Aero Snap
- Don't exit fullscreen when loosing focus to a window on the same monitor
- Text subtitles: When rendering to the video frame, clip subtitles that go out of the frame
- Text subtitles: Faster subtitle parsing (around 20%)
- Ticket #4144, Move the user interface language selection to the Options dialog and remove the "Language" menu. The increasing number of translations had reduced the usability of the menu
- Ticket #3739, Make error reporting less verbose when some non-critical DVD hooks fail
- Updated:
- Little CMS to v2.6 (git 4da8703)
- Unrar to v5.1.6
- MediaInfoLib to v0.7.69
- ZenLib to v0.4.29 r458
- LAV Filters to stable version 0.62.0:
- LAV Video: Support VP7 video
- LAV Video: Use the MediaFoundation WMV decoder on Windows 7+ instead of the DMO WMV decoder
- Ticket #3575, LAV Splitter: Alternate audio support for HLS
- Ticket #4032, LAV Video: Fix some issues with DVD subtitles (flashing, overlapping and generally all kind of timing issues)
- Ticket #4326, LAV Splitter: No subtitles were displayed when using the special "Forced subtitles" track created for PGS subtitles
- Ticket #4357, LAV Video: Fix some performance regressions introduced in v0.61 (mostly visible on old operating systems like Windows XP)
- Armenian, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, British English, Catalan, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Tatar, Turkish, Ukrainian and Vietnamese translations
- Fixed:
- The dockable bars were not updated when changing the UI language
- Statusbar: Fixed occasional flickering of text and media type icon
- D3D Fullscreen last state was inverted and wasn't properly restored with "Remember last window size and position" option
- D3D Fullscreen produced invisible window for audio-only files
- Ticket #34, VSFilter/ISR: Override placement feature was not working even if enabled
- Ticket #1574/#4171, ISR: Subtitle positioning was wrong when using default style override
- Ticket #2244, ISR: Changes in subresync bar were lost after changing style
- Ticket #2671, VSFilter: Video frames were not marked as interlaced
- Ticket #3036, Fix drag-and-drop from some applications. Drag-and-dropping a downloaded file from Chrome failed for example
- Ticket #3701, Subtitle outline was too thick when using default style override
- Ticket #4213, Fix a deadlock when starting MPC-HC in D3D fullscreen and auto-changing the monitor mode
- Ticket #4213, Fix auto-changing the monitor mode when starting in D3D fullscreen with "play 0 time" option or the auto-change delay greater than 0s
- Ticket #4213, D3D fullscreen: Obey "Apply default monitor mode on fullscreen exit" option
- Ticket #4214, Fix monitor mode flickering when auto-changing the monitor mode
- Ticket #4284, Auto-zoom feature didn't work properly when the taskbar was docked at the left or the top of the screen
- Ticket #4285, Fix a freeze when opening some files when EVR-CP or Sync renderer are selected
- Ticket #4285, EVR-CP and Sync renderers: Properly set the aspect ratio
- Ticket #4288, Changing the zoom level when in fullscreen mode did nothing
- Ticket #4298, The auto-change fullscreen mode monitor settings could be randomly corrupted or missing
- Ticket #4299, Frame stepping was not working for DVD
- Ticket #4307, ANSI subtitles files with Unix line endings could crash MPC-HC
- Ticket #4408, Remember window position: Ensure the window can't be completely hidden after restoring it

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