TMPGEnc Authoring Works

TMPGEnc Authoring Works
Publisher: Pegasys Inc

TMPGEnc Authoring Works Description

TMPGEnc Authoring Works is the easy way to author your own DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and DivX ULTRA video whether you're young or old, beginner or professional.

Import most video formats, edit out commercials or unwanted scenes, add spectacular transition effects, make your own subtitles, create professional-looking menus, and much, much more.

Give TMPGEnc Authoring Works a try to see what it's really capable of!


Intuitive step-by-step process:
- Each TMPGEnc Authoring Works project is divided into 5 stages: Start, Source, Menu, Simulation, and Output. Simply complete each stage in order and you'll have a custom DVD or Blu-ray Disc movie in no time. You can even go back to previous stages to make changes, or skip certain stages depending on your needs. Various wizards are included to help guide you through more complicated tasks, such as menu creation and file importing.

Extensive input formats:
- Convert to DVD and Blu-ray Disc compliant video.
- TMPGEnc Authoring Works will automatically convert a vast array of video file formats to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or DivX formats. You can even convert your AVCHD videos and keep them in full-HD (1920 x 1080) when you output to Blu-ray Disc.

Create high quality DivX video with advanced features:
- With DivX® Ultra authoring, your DivX projects can have advanced features such as DVD-like menus and navigation! DivX projects created with TMPGEnc Authoring Works are the ultimate combination of DVD-like presentation with DivX technology. Play your DivX Ultra projects with DivX Player software on your PC or any DivX Ultra Certified DVD player in the comfort of your livingroom.
- Officially licensed DivX® video software product
- Creates high-quality DivX® video

Find scene changes with a single click:
- It can be tedious to look for all of the scene changes in your video clips, especially when you've got hours of footage. This is where Smart Scene Search comes in. While editing, all you have to do is click your middle mouse button to the right or the left of the playhead in the thumbnail preview to automatically find the next or previous scene change. This makes it easy to set key frames, find a good place to cut scenes, or split your clip.

Read what they're saying:
- Add up to two subtitle streams to your videos with the subtitle editor. Import subtitles from a DVD or create your own with tools for positioning, timing, font styles and more. Create multi-language subtitles or use it for the hearing impared. Subtitles also work great as captions for slideshows too.

Use templates or customize them yourself:
- What's a DVD, Blu-ray, or DivX ULTRA disc without a nice menu? The menu wizard will guide you through the menu-making process, allowing you to create menus in standard and high definition with aspect ratios of 4:3 or 16:9. You can even create pop-up menus with your Blu-ray Disc projects. Of course, you can choose not to create a menu at all as well.

Menu Templates:
- If you're not a creative-type or you're short on time, use one of 23 pre-installed menu templates to create a menu with just a few clicks. With a wide variety of different themes, you're sure to find a menu template to match your video. Check out a preview of all 23 included menu templates by clicking here. You can even download additional menu templates free of charge!

Custom Menus:
- Want to make something truly unique? Then choose to create a custom menu where you can alter practically everything about your menu. Change the background to a personal photo, make your own navigation buttons, add graphical effects to your chapter thumbnails, alter page titles, and more. When you're all done, you can even save your menu as a template so you can use it over and over again.

Add a note page:
- Add note pages to your menus that can contain actor bios, production notes, trivia, history, extra images, or whatever else your imagination can come up with. (Not available for DivX ULTRA menus.)

Highlight editor:
- Change the way menu items are highlighted with the highlight editor. Maybe you want the play button to be outlined, or maybe you want the whole button to be highlighted when you select it. You can also change the highlight colors.

Menu item effects:
- With custom menus, you can add effects to each menu item (buttons, thumbnails, title text, etc.). Add a drop shadow to all of your text, change the color of your chapter thumbnails to a sepia tone, rotate your buttons, change the opacity of your menu title, and much, much more.
- Click here to view an enlarged version and more examples!

Animate menus with motion menu settings:
- Breath new life into your menu when you activate the motion menu settings! You can use a video in place of menu items such as backgrounds and buttons, and animate your track and chapter thumbnails to give your menus that extra professional touch. You can even add background music to create a complete audio/visual menu experience!

Edit and output in a flash:
- Smart Rendering allows you to output DivX, DVD or Blu-ray Disc compliant video without having to re-encode the entire movie file. This makes output extremely quick, and when you cut out a scene, only the video frames before and after the cut section will be re-encoded, saving you a ton of time and keeping the same quality as the original source file. Applicable clips will have a Smart Rendering icon in the Source stage of the program.

Test your creation before you output:
- See what your Blu-ray/DVD/DivX project looks like before you output it with the Simulation feature. This will reproduce what your project will look like when you put it in a real DVD/Blu-ray player. Test out your menus, audio tracks, subtitles, and menu item effects that you've applied. We've even included controls that mimic a DVD remote so you can see what it would be like to navigate through your menus. Don't like what you see? Go back and make changes, then test it again.

Never worry about running out of space:
- Sometimes you might have so much content that you can't fit it on the DVD. What do you do? You can get rid of some clips, or you can use the transcode feature which can automatically adjust the bitrate of your movie so that it will fit on your target media. Simply set your target media (DVD, Blu-ray Disc) or set a custom output size and TMPGEnc Authoring Works will do the rest.

Up to 99 tracks per project:
- Got a lot of footage? Add up to 99 video tracks to your project. That's 99 episodes, 99 home videos, 99 slideshows, 99 tracks of whatever video you've got! So go ahead and an extra track or two...or three...or four...

Add an intro video or logo:
- The firstplay track will play once you insert your DVD or Blu-ray Disc into your player. Use it to include an introduction video, corporate logos, sponsorship logos, or whatever you can think of.

Make adjustments with audio filters:
- Is your audio track a little out of sync? Use the audio gap correction to fix it. You can also adjust the volume levels, add fade in/out effects, and apply noise and signal reduction filters.

News in TMPGEnc Authoring Works

- Supports PGMX file import and title selection.
- With this support, it is able to import multiple titles, audio and subtitles streams from a PGMX file.
- Fixed: In the BDMV/AVCHD output, an error occurred when outputting the menu which was set in 1920x1080 29.97fps interlaced.
- Fixed: In the menu edit window, an error occurred when editing a text repeatedly in the locked item edit window due to the fact that the preview area becomes narrower.
- Fixed: Displayed only a three-digit number for the edit box of the size and location for a menu part in the menu edit window.
- Fixed: Could not display the edit rectangle correctly for an added title or note page when creating an original menu.
- Fixed: The Audio or Subtitle button could not be displayed even if several audio or subtitle streams existed when creating a title page for a track menu.
- Fixed: The cursor for entering a serial number could not be displayed in the license window.
- Fixed: Could not display an imported DVB subtitle correctly in regards to its size or position.
- Fixed: Could not add a chapter or clip split point to the 0 sec. position when using the Advanced Chapter tool.
- Fixed: Could not import the subtitles data correctly in the Subtitle Edit window, which was saved with the "up to the end" option.
- Fixed: The registered order was reversed when importing several clips with the "open with the Clip Edit window" option.
- Fixed: Detected a MPEG-4 AVC High@L4.1 clip as "FR" during AVCHD output mode.
- Fixed: Could not import a UTF-8 file with BOM correctly when importing it as an xsubtitle in the Subtitle Edit window.
- Fixed: The length of the last clip among split clips was not applied correctly if the splitting was done prior to applying it to the Source Stage.
- Other corrections.

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