CodedColor PhotoStudio

CodedColor PhotoStudio
Publisher: 1STEIN GmbH

CodedColor PhotoStudio Description

CodedColor PhotoStudio allows you to open and view image files, use them to create photo albums and export them as HTML documents for your website.

Opens and converts all important image types: BMP, WMF, EMF, GIF and print photos from your digital camera. Order prints comfortably over the internet navigate the database using the powerful search engine.


- View Photos
- Edit Images
- Manage Media
- PDF & Flash Albums
- Burn CDs
- Transitions
- Capture Videos
- Print Layouts
- Cliparts
- Batch Conversion
- Encrypt Images

News in CodedColor PhotoStudio

New Features & Improvements:
- Print dialog now handles cm and inches
- Print options opens print driver dialog directly
- Scan multiple pages to image editor
- Options: select/deselect all transitions with CTRL+A
- Explorer: Drag & Drop faster
- Image Editor: change layer background color
- Image Editor: send background layer to front
- Image Editor: apply ICC color profile
- Batch Conversion: apply color profile
- Image Editor: new frames and masks
- Shadow and Borders: completely overworked, handling & transparency improved
- Image Editor: layer options improved
- Image Editor: textlayer and cliparts can now have background color and borders
- Image Editor: grab image from web to new layer
- Image Editor: color of background layer can be changed, image layer can be moved
- CodedColor Publisher: extensive improvements
- Videos: scroll frame by frame
- Videos: copy several frames to the editor without leaving fullscreen mode
- Videos: fast forward video by clicking in slider
- Image Editor: remove alpha channel (background transparency) in text layers
- Organizer: batch conversion for album
- Explorer: can now export selected images to web album
- Image selection dialog: suppress duplicates
- Attach videos to emails
- Videos: better shortcut key handling in fullscreen
- Batch processing wizard
- Big speed improvements in SmartFix, SmartFlash and Noise Reduction
- Scan dialog allows to change the scan resolution
- Batch Conversion: encode/decode files with a password using RC6
- Batch Conversion: 50 photo effects
- Batch Conversion: replace transparency with color (i.e. in PNG to JPG)
- Image comparison: file path and status bar are now shown correctly
- Explorer: SHIFT+DEL (delete without bin) now works in all views
- Image Editor: Create new transparent image
- Explorer keywords: checked keywords are now displayed as a group
- Explorer keywords: speed and search result improved
- Batch scanning incl. image detection and automatic storage
- Image Editor: better deskew antialias filter
- Image Editor: tools & tutorials menu bar with keyword search
- LiveHelp: Dialog enhanced
- Share: Facebook upload
- Explorer: Display image & movie aspect ratio
- Explorer: Quickaccess to albums, recent folders & images
- Image Editor: Fill transparent areas
- Batch conversion: PNG images can now have shadows with transparent backgrounds
- Explorer: enhanced batch, share & print job wizards; menu cleanup
- Explorer: all tools now function with albums and subfolders
- Image Editor: all tools now function with layers
- Flash Album: new features and improvements
- BYNGO SMS service discontinued
- Explorer: Keyword, folder & date search now open results in new window
- Color management: use ICC color profile of image file or internal CodedColor CMYK/RGB conversion

Fixed bugs:
- Explorer: "Open with" now works
- Flash Album: ac_oetags.js must be key sensitive
- Image Editor: some dialogs did not fit into laptop screen (768 pixels)
- After scanning, the crop dialog does not show the correct aspect ratio
- CodedColor sometimes looses focus after copying/moving files (status dialog)
- Fullscreen: no overwrite dialog when copying files to other folder
- Batch conversion: EXIF/IPTC changes reduce file size dramatically
- Batch conversion: multiline text not possible
- Explorer: delete should select and center next image
- Explorer: dragging images out of folder looses focused image (multiple refreshes)
- Image comparison: antialias filter should be turned off
- Fullscreen: thumbs missing or async after image editing
- Radial Stretch: reset rounding error; sliders not sensitive enough
- Image comparison: "difference" not refreshed when selecting other image
- Contact Sheet: print preview does not work anymore
- Frame dialog: "list index out of bounds" error
- Download image from the web: transparency not preserved
- Clipart dialog: remember filename
- Annotation editor: some fields are not saved
- Videos: not fit to screen correctly in fullscreen mode
- Videos: keyboard shortcuts do not always react
- Image Editor: Fill transparency does not work for layers
- Fullscreen: thumbs missing in the thumsview, or not synchronous
- LiveHelp FAQ: error message, that internet is not connected
- Flash album does not run in newest Flash Player
- Select all files and "Include" does not work
- FTP upload uses wrong password
- Explorer shows/hides hidden files according to Windows settings
- Improved speed when working with files on LAN drives
- PNG image information showed only 1 color
- Batch conversion: progress meter does not work for all actions
- Explorer: sometimes thumbs just show up as white squares
- Explorer: file list paints too slow and flickers
- Flash album does not start if grab handles are turned off
- Batch Processing: despeckle and noise reduction were switched
- Explorer: video player bugs fixed
- Explorer: fixed memory loss & speed issues for photos originating from Android phones
- Album Export: Bugs in HTML album fixed
- Paint Tools: eraser brush does not work if image was resized
- Image Editor: undo tool does not always work with layers
- Explorer: Transparent PNGs are now displayed correctly

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