FIFA World 5.1 Beta

FIFA World 5.1 Beta
Publisher: Electronic Arts Inc

FIFA World 5.1 Beta Description

Electronic Arts is the developer and publisher of one of the best football simulator games on the market with millions of copies sold all over the world but, recently, the company decided to offer the unique FIFA football experience for free through the FIFA World 5.1 Beta online title.

The best of FIFA now free

There's no trick involved and even if it may sound unbelievable, FIFA World is indeed an online free-to-play FIFA game that benefits from the latest additions made to the critically acclaimed franchise.

FIFA World features online seasons versus real players as well as single player seasons and tournaments that will allow you to level up your profile and get access to better players that can take your team high on the leaderboards.

Create the team of your dreams

If you're new to FIFA World, the game will assign a few random players to your team allowing you to start playing your very first matches and earn precious coins.

With these coins you will then be able to purchase new player and item packs that will grant you new players for your team as well as various items that will boost your team's stats. The packs come in three flavors (bronze, silver, and gold), each of them containing random players with different skill levels depending on the pack you purchase.

As soon as you've received your packs, you can go to your Ultimate Team, choose the formation best suited for the players in your roster and try to keep the chemistry at a high level by placing players with the same nationality or from the same leagues in your formation.

Intense single player and multiplayer online matches

In FIFA World you will be able to play against the best teams out there but, if you're tired of playing against the AI, you can always try the online seasons where you will play against other players from around the world with similar game skills.

To make sure you won't face any tough competition, FIFA World features a Division system with a relegation and promotion option that will decide which category of players is best suited to play against.

On the pitch, the game plays and feels just like the latest iteration with its solid controls, loud crowds, and detailed players that made FIFA 14 the best football game to date.

An authentic FIFA football experience

FIFA World manages to offer players all the thrills of single player and multiplayer online matches offered by FIFA 14 in a free-to-play form that any FIFA fan shouldn't miss. The Ultimate Team is yet another asset that will make you spend lots of hours planning the best tactics possible for the players in your roster.

With its interesting reward system, extensive transfer market, and the constant battle to add the best players in the world to your team, FIFA World is a game that will keep you pinned at your PC for a very long time.

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