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Download Polyglot 3000 3.40 for Free

Polyglot 3000 3.40

Polyglot 3000 3.40 is a language recognition package which recognizes more than 400 languages. Simply paste in the text that you need identifying and Polyglot 3000 3.40 will immedi...

September 11, 2009
Download Luckhan Matrix Calculator Pro 5.0  for Free

Luckhan Matrix Calculator Pro 5.0

Luckhan Matrix Calculator Pro 5.0 is a calculator of matrices! Very much aimed at mathematicians this calculator comes with absolutely no explanation of what it's for! There is...

August 11, 2009
Download Lingoversity  for Free


With Lingoversity you can easily practice vocabulary and expressions in a foreign language, building a personal custom dictionary according to your own needs. Instead of h...

July 11, 2009
Download Marble 0.8  for Free

Marble 0.8

Marble 0.8 is a virtual globe and World atlas that allows you to learn more about the Earth. Marble 0.8 enables you to pan and zoom around the planet, inspect landmarks, places an...

March 11, 2009
Download MultiTranse 6.0.3  for Free

MultiTranse 6.0.3

MultiTranse 6.0.3 is one of those translating applications, and one of the most completes in terms of supported languages. MultiTranse 6.0.3 supports a total of twenty languages t...

October 18, 2009
Download Earth Alerts 2009 2.80  for Free

Earth Alerts 2009 2.80

Earth Alerts 2009 2.80 is a 'near real time' monitoring and information service for natural hazards. With Earth Alerts 2009 2.80 you can start your examination of nature's less c...

December 10, 2009
Download Complete Home Library for Free

Complete Home Library

Complete Home Library's aim is to produce the best library applications for small business and for personal use. Users can access a feed-back form from the 'Help' menu i...

October 10, 2009
Download U.S. Capitals Trainer 1.0 for Free

U.S. Capitals Trainer 1.0

U.S. Capitals Trainer 1.0 was designed to be a small tool that will help you learn about the United States Capitals....

April 10, 2009
Download Student Response Network 1.4 for Free

Student Response Network 1.4

It does away with the need for personal handheld ÔÇ£clickerÔÇØ devices by providing a software-only solution for use with networked Windows desktops or laptops. If your school o...

September 25, 2009
Download Hanzi Master Deluxe 3.0 for Free

Hanzi Master Deluxe 3.0

Hanzi Master Deluxe 3.0 is an application created to help your learn Chinese easier. It is designed to help you memorize characters and words by letting the structure they share w...

September 23, 2009
Download OnlineliveWorld 2.1 for Free

OnlineliveWorld 2.1

OnlineliveWorld 2.1 put the world in your hands. Allow to create Notes, Alarms, and see the Information about any country, Maps, Weather, CIA Reports, Atlas... Transportations, Bus...

September 19, 2009
Download Rapid PHP Editor 2010 RC2 for Free

Rapid PHP Editor 2010 RC2

Rapid PHP Editor 2010 RC2 is developed as a fully featured, quick and very sophisticated PHP editor that extends far beyond the essentials of regular PHP editing environ...

September 17, 2009
Download Google Earth 5.1 Beta for Free

Google Earth 5.1 Beta

Google Earth 5.1 Beta not only displaces satellite images but it also includes terrains and sometimes 3D reconstruction of buildings. With Google Earth 5.1 Beta you can look for d...

October 09, 2009
Download GeoMaker 2.0.0 for Free

GeoMaker 2.0.0

GeoMaker 2.0.0 lets you create the GeoDatabase for the entire world. GeoMaker 2.0.0 creates the geographical location latitude, longitude, and altitude (elevation) for every ci...

October 09, 2009
Download Advanced eLearning Builder 3.6.11 for Free

Advanced eLearning Builder 3.6.11

Advanced eLearning Builder 3.6.11 is designed for creating e-learning materials such as e-tests, tutorials, quizzes, etc. he created test can be compiled to EXE form. Advanced e...

September 09, 2009
Download Babylon Pro 8.0.0 (r38) for Free

Babylon Pro 8.0.0 (r38)

Babylon Pro 8.0.0 (r38) allows you to optimize your searching for unknown data. Clicking on any term from any desktop application brings you results from Babylon Pro 8.0.0 (r38)...

September 09, 2009
Download Comfort Typing Pro for Free

Comfort Typing Pro

Comfort Typing Pro constantly monitors your keyboard and when it detects a keyword, it replaces the keyword with a predefined text. There are two types of text templates: ...

March 09, 2009
Download words 0.31 for Free

words 0.31

words 0.31 is a tool designed to help you improve your english vocabulary. words 0.31 is useful if preparing for GRE, GMAT, SAT or any other vocabulary intensive examinations....

August 31, 2009
Download Speed Mind Maths 1.0  for Free

Speed Mind Maths 1.0

Speed Mind Maths 1.0 a program designed to help you strengthen your basic math skills so that you have a solid base on which to build more advanced abilities. The premise of Speed ...

August 30, 2009
Download RapidTyping 2.9.4  for Free

RapidTyping 2.9.4

RapidTyping 2.9.4 is a fast and useful application that allows you to improve your typing skills, both in accuracy and speed. The interface of RapidTyping 2.9.4 is fairly clear, al...

August 25, 2009
Download Talking Translator Pro 1.9.2  for Free

Talking Translator Pro 1.9.2

Talking Translator Pro 1.9.2 is an easy to use 4 in 1 language utility which can translate text between 8 languages with 23 language sets, Find meanings of words, Read the contents...

August 13, 2009