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Download DzSoft Perl Editor 5.8.8 for Free

DzSoft Perl Editor 5.8.8

DzSoft Perl Editor 5.8.8 is a tool for writing, editing, and debugging Perl/CGI scripts. It has a comfortable and intuitive interface both for beginners and advanced programmers. ...

April 17, 2011
Download CodeLite for Free


CodeLite is a powerful open-source, cross platform code editor for the C/C++ programming languages. CodeLite makes use of an easy to use, yet sophisticat...

April 17, 2011
Download RJ TextEd 7.23 for Free

RJ TextEd 7.23

RJ TextEd 7.23 enables you to use syntax definition files in order to recognize keywords, tags, strings and other items that you want highlighted in the text. RJ TextEd 7.23 is a U...

October 04, 2011
Download Adobe AIR 2.7 Beta for Free

Adobe AIR 2.7 Beta

Adobe AIR 2.7 Beta runtime enables developers to use proven web technologies in order to create rich Internet applications that will deploy to the desktop and can run on different ...

February 04, 2011
Download ExamDiff 1.9 for Free

ExamDiff 1.9

ExamDiff 1.9 is a useful utility for visual file comparison. ExamDiff 1.9 has a number of simple and convenient features that many users have been asking for a long time from a fil...

March 20, 2011
Download PilotEdit 4.2.0 for Free

PilotEdit 4.2.0

PilotEdit 4.2.0 is a file editor that will help you search and replace multi line text, edit FTP files or even download and upload FTP files and directories. With PilotEdit 4.2.0 f...

March 16, 2011
Download Kodu for Free


Kodu was developed to provide a visual programming language made specifically for creating games. Kodu is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for a...

March 14, 2011
Download Simply Fortran 1.12 for Free

Simply Fortran 1.12

Simply Fortran 1.12 is a new, complete Fortran solution designed from the beginning for interoperability with GNU Fortran. Simply Fortran 1.12 delivers a reliable Fortran compiler ...

October 03, 2011
Download Eclipse SDK 3.6.2 for Free

Eclipse SDK 3.6.2

Eclipse SDK 3.6.2 is an open source platform-independent software framework for delivering what the project calls or is known as "rich-client applications" (as opposed to "thin cli...

February 28, 2011
Download IDA Pro 6.0 for Free

IDA Pro 6.0

IDA Pro 6.0 is a programmable, interactive, multi-processor disassembler combined with a local and remote debugger and augmented by a complete plugin programming environment. ID...

February 25, 2011
Download CodeDesigner Beta for Free

CodeDesigner Beta

CodeDesigner Beta is a handy RAD tool designed to help you create various diagrams with ease describing applications' structure and logic (class diagrams, state cha...

February 25, 2011
Download PHPEdit for Free


PHPEdit is the best IDE (Integrated Developement Environment) that can be used to work with PHP. PHPEdit offers a bunch of tools which allow you to work eas...

February 20, 2011
Download PSPad 4.5.4 Build 2356 for Free

PSPad 4.5.4 Build 2356

PSPad 4.5.4 Build 2356 is the universal editor, is for you if you need to work with plain text - it has a wealth of formatting functions, including a spell checker, create web page...

February 17, 2011
Download Codepad 1.1 for Free

Codepad 1.1

Codepad 1.1 is a straightforward application that allows you to create and edit any type of code file. The interface is simple and intuitive allowing you to quickly access all o...

February 14, 2011
Download Microsoft Small Basic 0.95 for Free

Microsoft Small Basic 0.95

Microsoft Small Basic 0.95 is an easy-to-use programming tool. Microsoft Small Basic 0.95 is a project that is aimed at making computer programming accessible to beginners. Micr...

February 13, 2011
Download Zeus for Windows 3.97e for Free

Zeus for Windows 3.97e

If you are looking for a powerful IDE for the Windows environment then your search is over. Zeus for Windows 3.97e has been specifically created for software developers working in ...

June 02, 2011
Download Fresh HTML 3.57 for Free

Fresh HTML 3.57

Fresh HTML 3.57 is a software to create and edit pages for the world wide web. Fresh HTML's WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface makes editing HTML pages as easy a...

March 02, 2011
Download Brightworks HTML Editor 2.00 for Free

Brightworks HTML Editor 2.00

Brightworks HTML Editor 2.00 is a small but useful application that can help you edit existing HTML files or create new ones from scratch. Brightworks HTML Editor 2.00 features a h...

January 29, 2011
Download R for Windows 2.12.1 for Free

R for Windows 2.12.1

R for Windows 2.12.1 is an integrated suite of software facilities for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. R for Windows 2.12.1 provides a wide variety of stat...

January 29, 2011
Download Texmaker 2.2 for Free

Texmaker 2.2

Texmaker 2.2 is a free, easy-to-use, highly-featured and powerful LaTeX editor, that integrates many tools needed to develop documents with LaTeX. Features: - an unicode edit...

January 29, 2011
Download dirtyJOE 1.3 (c255) for Free

dirtyJOE 1.3 (c255)

dirtyJOE 1.3 (c255) -Java Overall Editor- is a complex editor and viewer for compiled java binaries (.class files). Grab it and give it a try to fully assess its capabilities! ...

September 01, 2011